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I am at the Redwood City Library not because I am here to use this piggy “S.”

on August 12, 2012

Believe me they send us to the computer to waste our time on the net.  Many had divorce and is intentionally done.  Specially if you found a good man or a woman who is not wicked and is making you to grow in many ways.  If you buy a house or a car; they look for the way to create dirty or imperfect conditions.  I am here because I do have about a dozen of phone connectors and none is working.  Suddently even the lighter on my truck stop working.  So I was not able to study with a “decent light” and I did with tiny ones just to be able to earn a B or a C.  Who knows at the Student Center I did not do my last assignment on DGME 167 bcause it was not worth the trouble and I did have my “priority registration” at San Francisco State University where believe I found a mess.  Their Schedule of Classes is so primitive.  To be able to register you must run the first day to try to crash into the class, but you must craft a good schedule with detail of your own because their is not exactly there.  Certainly the 24 hours schedule is used a lot in hospitals and others as them, but I will be honest with you, I do not see a good reason other than to make the students nuts.  I did have to spend sometime to try to be ready and I felt many hitting my face at the College of San Mateo Student Center at Building 10 where many abused me and denied my right to use the equipment as anyone else and not only that.

It happened before as I was having an exercise class and one of the Dean even told me that the reason why the bathrooms were locked in the morning was because homeless were coming there: I did respond to him.  I am homeless, but through FAFSA AID I am paying my tuition and right to be there where many were abusing me.  The first time they allowed me to use the new Building 5 bathroom, but the second time that was the last time unless I was willing to pay $ 20.00 extra per month because the new gym is ran privately.  I do not understand how the bond works because it ended up that in the back of the college many of the building were like piled up and wrapped for no use.  All the windows were removed and the grass killed among other things and ironically the gym is not for the students full use, but for the citizens who also bring their kids to college or to the swimming pool.  It is not that I am against it, but priority should be for the students and not for little kids just because of their parents economical status or so.

Many were complaining about the extra payment required to them to be able to use not the bathrooms, but even the toilets.  Ridiculous!  How many teachers are losing their jobs just because people are not able to afford their classrooms due to the changes that Congress is making on FAFSA without ever telling to the people not to believe on the counselor good for nothing that never advised them properly.  Instead many as I ended up taking 150 units at the District of College of San Mateo for few wicked to be robbing my talents and my efforts to be successful in my career.  You should see my Algebra, Trigonometry and Precalculus teacher who had the face to come to Belmont Ralston/El Camino corner to try to work me with witchcraft as he did for years to rob my knowledge and give it to his wicked students as himself.  Classes in which I earned A and B”S back in Nicaragua and I was forced to repeat because of him.  My son told me he forgot his Spanish not knowing that his Oriental “friend” took it among other things.  They made him to spend two years across the Bay in Oakland or so and made me pay about $ 30,000.00 to not even let him to get his certificate.  One day is near in which the poor will open their eyes and will figure out why we are not successful.  Why we ended up in jail after going to college.  Do you know about the high rate of students who ended up in jail as going through college?  They work your mind! even on drugs as you can not understand why some are straight A’s on everything and you feel retarded!  They do not stress or study.  They just worked and flirt with your soul who do not know about his physical body because many of us were never taugh and instead many feel that God do not love them.  He does, just find him and make him your best friend because outside your body many times not even your own mother is your friend.  They are like the snakes that bites and eats even their own and abandon them.

I am here trying to charge my phone.  They vandalized my charger, my connectors.  I just purchased three and none work, but is the phone which was worked by a wicked as well because I was trying to document how the wicked are working at the corner of Whipple.  They are crossing the street in the middle, or when the light is not available for them walking or in their cars: JUST TRYING TO CATCH MY SOUL ATTENTION!  who can care about pigs and cowards who just think about themselves and do not care to see a poor sleeping on the street just because they want to have millions of pieces of papers in their banks. 

Go to Wikipedia and see how the colors affect our vision.  Go read about the light spectrum.  Go see what red or orange does to it and figure out why the immates in jail are dressed with green or orange in California that I do know.  I was never allowed to wear socks, underwear, or brass there.  Always naked it and for almost 20-30 I did not have any communication with my two older children as they put me in Sant Clara back in 2008.  They overdose me on drugs.  The nurse in MC Guirre couldn’t believe what it was written and I told them.  Took me three months to get it over because as I was visiting my son in Concord his wicked neighbors were waking me up in the middle of the night just to wonder.  God many times stop me as I was going to hit the glass window closet doors as yesterday at the corner about 3pm a man having white, but latino looking: Cuban made me hit with my glasses a metal stand I brought for my signs.  Yes they can, I figured out and I stop doing as he was pleasing.  I changed my shoes, but I planned it since morning and I also brought my chair, but again they tried to force me again about peak hours at 6-7pm I am begging you for help my baby was abused because I posted the videos showing is not hearsay as Honor Franchi denied on that basis my EX-PARTE as recently also denied a DVC advised by the Facilitator in which I was threat with $ 10,000.00 penalty because I am trying to make public the crime they are committing against the poor.  Indefenseless babies are rape and abuse just for diabolic practices in which they are the first criminals alienating the Constitution of the United States.  I had never violated not even the TRO that Honor Greenberg granted against me for no reason! Help  They are trying to kill my baby and is with my force legal family the ones who for years exploited me and abused me.  Every month they were cleaning my infected feet without pain killer.


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