In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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I am at Bldg. 10 College of San Mateo Student Center: No final allowed!

on August 10, 2012

Trying to write a post as an oriental sucker is here next to me not letting me to do anything.  Last time they change the program so I was not able to save my assignments in my USB and I ended up violating the rules instead of saving my assignment file I upload the software, but is being done purposely to millions.  If you leave your file on the desk: anyone cab erase it.  The next day another student in company with the people who work here made the letter on the screen so tiny that I couldn’t read and I had been repeating and saving step by step that many times I lost track of the instructions.  So I am making sure that I make no matter what a C and that is it.  They are forcing us illiterate.  They are persecuting out of 10 Americans 8 to 9 are being persecuted for religious reason: some forced to be in jails as O. J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Yolanda Saldivar whose bodies had been used to kill or rob by wicked people.  Others in hospitals, or under a conservator ship as poor Britney Spear, or as me on the street go to videos Joshua120402 and see me in the Bay forced to take a shower as one of the two that I recently begged for help sent me a package to make sure to choose the right font, the right white paper, but at least this is white not as happened with my 1864 Cottage Grove Ave. San Mateo, CA 94401 appeal which color paper I was not able to find no place.  God made me see it in one of the clerks desk and I ask for 7 pages to do the front of it.  My child life is in danger.  I am on the street not even having a place to take a shower.  They are humiliating me and forcing me to get bad grades at College of San Mateo where I did not make my DGME final assignment just because I need to repeat and repeat and I struggle with the internet connection or my password.  Begging you for help.  The Constitution of this country is being alienated and they are asking me to fill those papers knowing that Redwood City police hit my signs and threat my life as I was going to get a test of my eyes after one of them hit me on the face and broke my glasses at corner of Whipple/Veterans Blvd.

For the last seven years my baby had been abuse in many ways and I am begging you publicly for help and protection.  Almost everyday, I stand there with my signs under the sun, but many are the beggars holding signs making sure that you will not see me as they are using witchcraft.  Many are the wicked people who are using the orange, the red among many other thing.  Go see how those color affect your eyes, our vision at  Go see and read what we are: mind and body is a computer.  We are the image of the only God: the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  They are alienating the Constitution as they are using witchcraft and technology to control and isolated us.  They are forcing dirty and imperfect conditions.  If you buy a vehicle: they purposely hit it and yes the Insurance pay or should I say we do pay, but the imperfect created condition do not let us to go ahead.

Please support a public accusation against government who are “killing legally” or retaining the Americans in many ways just for a few wicked people to be. go to or Joshua120402


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