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One of the professor I really enjoyed at CSM needs our help and good ones like her deserve our support!

on August 8, 2012

I just received an email from Ms Brown and even though I am a bit behind on everything especially in my DGME 167 final project, she deserved this moment.  She is not only pleasant, but is one of the best writers teacher I ever had.  Well I am sure there it was an American English professor who was no less, but he is not longer here and she really teach the students how to write for the media aside helping us to learn how to use the web and so on and forth.  Her class is not having many students applying for it and is about to get close for the fall semester.  Believe me you will enjoy working and learning from her and these are the good reasons for you to go take this class:

WHY would your friends want to take this awesome class?

  • Because you have a great idea for a TV show, so you should learn how to write up a treatment that you can pitch to producers
  • Because you get to write your own obituary (a bit morbid, but a great writing exercise)
  • Because the class will write blogs, tweet, and create multimedia news packages for the web
  • Because you want to write a spec script for your favorite TV show, but you don’t know the industry standards
  • Because writing is extremely important, even though it can be rough. This class lets you practice writing in a bunch of different styles, and you get to write about things you’re interested in.
  • Because we have great discussions about current issues, news coverage, and media in general.
  • Because I always find a couple of great guest speakers
  • Because together we’ll make a safe and creative environment for you to share your writing and get feedback without judgement.

To register in the class this is the number you will need and remember that is the same for 6-12 or 19 units and if you are having FAFSA you are better off if you have more than 12 units.  Aside if you are clever can expedite the time spent if the units taken are higher per semester and she is a sweet heart.

The class is DGME 101 TTH from 1:10-2:25pm  Bldg. 10 192.  Good Luck!


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