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I was not allowed to do my assignments again!

on August 3, 2012

Not only at the San Mateo Public library where I went first and then to the College of San Mateo Student Center where we are supposed to be allow to do our assignments.  The person in charge here yesterday did have the face to tell me that if students are bothering me and not allowing me to do my assignments why don’t I quit using computers.  The worse of all is that she is a Black race individual and at least I was expecting a person with much higher intellectual and her discrimination and narrow mind as she tried to tell me to do as people please just because they want tell me much than she should let me hear.

Perhaps is not for me to pass this class.  Perhaps this is how I will ended up owning College of San Mateo District because not only two of the President, but two of the Chancellor just denied and ignored me and not to say many of the others that just worked on the set ups and abuses. 

No less I will say of Congress who is limiting the years of FAFSA with the sole intention to take from the poor a higher education.  They do know what I had discover and they had been using against the poor for years.  They in combination with many rob the poor talents and let us to register with the sole intention to force us to get debts because they do not let us to be successful in our career goals and set us up to flank.  Will see what God will bring out of this.  My faith is on him and out of my anger I just curse on the people who is setting me up and are abusing me and the poor without compassion.


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