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I was able to finish my last week assignment!

on August 2, 2012

Oh well, I did have to do so because the three next assignments are based on it, but not only CSM web site (Web access was not available on Thursday and then on Sunday 7/29/12, but today at the Student Center. First the lady here told me I could not talk quietly as I was recording how people can play with your computer and change the cursor, the color choose and so on and forth just to not let you learn, finish your assignments and force us illiterate as they are getting the benefit of us being here and paying for them to ROB OUR TALENTS NOT TO TEACH US.  It is ashamed of how a man is here working on me as many others did today.  They do believe in Bo do or Budu, but is nothing you can prove someone told me and I said: you can see my computer doing as I am having my hands not doing anything and I am telling you they are hurting me.  


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