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As Britney Spear millions her case is a classic: bipolar and not able to represent herself just for the best interest of wicked people in this country who are with government using this government system

on July 29, 2012

Britney Spear is not the only one who can work and perform publicly, but had been diagnosed bi-polar.  What I will testify is that in 1996 three young women said: publicly for quite a number of viewers of Cristina show through Univision that they were able to force others, abuses them and so on and forth.  I stood up not knowing the cruelty reality that mind and body are just a computer.  The computer home for our soul and what they were saying it was true.  Through the knowledge of witchcraft or basis knowledge or human mind and body computer they are able.  Today, I am standing, but suffering the worse not only physical, mentally, buit emotionally. 

Government of the United States of America are part of this crime organized group who are alienating the Constitution, the law of the land as well as our rights and freedoms.

As Britney Spear publicly known life many others like Michael Jackson, Selena who were killed not by the people who are paying for it.  Yolanda Saldivar as well as Jackson’s doctor are innocent.  They do have in common with Casey Anthony and Scott Peterson babies killed by their own parents body as they were used by others.  People who are part of the crime organized, wicked who are persecuting millions others after they even forced the procreation or conception of those poor and fatherless because they do not believe in blood relation.  They just believe in a religious family believe and practice. 

Of the known public people I will say: poor Casey Anthony who was not found guilty in the court of law, but have to hide because or else they are trying to kill her.  Where is the justice?  Why does she have to hide and why no one does anything? because they want to keep on abusing her and the best way is to have her under her “parents wing” as they are trying to force me to be: under my forced legal family to allow me to be or see my baby or else, there is no court order to give me any rights.  No matter I saw the baby’s father touching him.  No matter I tried to report to the city hall of San Mateo who never gave me a tip: to where to go or what to do?

No matter that I wrote to congress and I told them about the abuses I was suffering and what I saw the father doing to my baby, but I did not report to the San Mateo Police because they were the ones working with him in the religious persecution I was or I had been suffering for years.  I did on 4/18/05 and as I came from Washington where I went trying to get help as they returned my letter sent to many among it the New York Times and I personally delivered it thinking I was going to be able to find help and as I arrived from there San Mateo Police was waiting for me because Child Protective Services was looking for me.  They were not able to give me a reason.  I show my baby deeply sleeping in one of the bedroom: clean and for hours resting since 9:a.m. till about 2:00p.m.

O. J. Simpsom another of their victims who recently begged Obama to release him to die out of jail.  I am public testifying in favor of many: Scott Peterson, Britney Spear, O. J. Simpsom, Yolanda Saldivar and I am publicly begging for support for a public accusation against government.

It is endless to say: humans are the “she” in the only God’s Kingdom: Eloi Yahweh, real name of Jehovah.  The problem is many wicked believe they are better and superior and they are the ones who choose and toss the poor and fatherless.  Through the school system and in many other places they rob our talents, our knowledges, our experiences.  They abolished slavery for wicked black, but instead institute it against the poor and fatherless of all races.  We are force to marry and they do not disclose to us their talents to make us to believe we are in love with them.  They are generous, nice and kind until they are ready to stab us in combination with the court system who give them all the rights no matter what you reported to them.  San Mateo Police rejected my accusation without explanation.  Child Protective Services and the Superior court of California no less.  Instead Redwood City court imposed me a domestic violence case and three years of restraining order for no reason and even though I never violated it or I never done anything to deserve it: I lost the physical and legal custody of my child who is suffering the worse abuses not only from the man under custody he was when he was sent rape to my home and he was the one who asked my older son to ask me to put Vaseline. 

My child was also abuse by Arnold and Bush as this came to California; He was sent home with a big forehead bump.  My child as I and millions others are denied education and are set up by wicked in jails, hospitals or so to create an economic mean for themselves.

I was not able to do my DGME 167 assignment because again the Web Site page of San Mateo College was not available as on Friday at Marina Library and as I tried to work on my own lab top no less there it was worse I struggle to be connected to the Internet.  I had report it to even the Chancellor of San Mateo District, Galotolo and he sent me a message he got lost. (?) 500% of my 600% FAFSA I was forced to use it and I am having problem to keep on going at SFSU


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