In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Again at Marina Library and after that to the Bay to get a shower! before going back to RWC whipple/Veterans

on July 28, 2012

The miserable wicked people are here and trying hard to make me feel sleepy and tired.  For a second, but standing.  Luckily I was able to open the CSM Web Site and I got to listen to some of the videos that my professor is recommending.  I figured out what is a stroke and I believe I will be able to follow the instructions, but still not know how to copy or if I should.  Anyway I do have until Monday, July 30 to withdraw the class and believe me I feel proud of me because I am trying hard despite all the abuses and misery of this people in short, MFSB’s if you know what I mean!

Again here with a poor baby which was used yesterday to give pressure to my right eye and forced me to have a big pain on it as in my head in the microship which was forced at Mills Peninsula in 2006.  I did have to take some pain pills and God helped me to get rid of the pressure in my eyes.  My glasses were so strong for it and they were giving me the stressed and pain.  What happened to be baby and how both of the women used he or she not caring about who knows, but those are the “good wicked parents” who never have problems in court and who never lose the custody of their children because government know that they will even killed them not caring for non-wicked babies who were forced to be conceived after they forced non-wicked to lay with them. 

Who knows about my class and to be honest with you I figured out that Einstein did have the same problem: was not allowed to be in Germany I believe and came here and was the Jewish man who discovered the nucleus and unfortunately created the atomic bomb that destroyed the two cities in Japan.  I also heard that he after that tried to stop the trend, but I believe sometimes technology is not as good as it sound.  All morning I did have a trouble as for the last three months wicked had being going by my truck about 4-5a.m. speeding up trying to create a gravitational or magnetic force to keep me tired and in bed.  Yes if you read Astronomy there you will find that we were partially created by the stars ashes.  Our bones are formed with it and if you read there you will find out about the number of women who started working helping this science and they were called computers in one of the universities near by here in the Bay, but I do not recall which one.  In case you do have a doubt about my discoveries just know that I am just giving testimony of what three young women told at Cristina show in Univision back in 1996.  Yes they are able to control and manipulate your mind.  Yes they can forced you to do be or believe.  Do you remember that Britney Spear cut her hair.  No she was not the one who done so or Do you remember about Casey Anthony no she was not the one who killed her baby.  Her body was used to do so and no less with Scott Peterson whose body was used to kill his wife and unborn baby.  Did you hear about O. J. Simpson asking Obama to let him out.  God poor O. J. they made him as Michael Jackson to spend a lot of money after they were used and set up as any other, as millions others poor and fatherless children who are forced to be conceived through non-wicked and then set up in the money or economic circle used in this country by the criminals in power that for about 150 years had been setting up and persecuting the poor people in this country.  Did you ever heard about Shan’s Rebellion: oh God, government allowed people from all over the world, but majority from Ireland where starvation was forced to come and from 800,000 we grew up to almost five millions in a very short time.  Those poor people were given lands and they worked them hard cleaning it and then the loans and bankers took everything away as happened a few years ago and still happening with the realtor crisis.  The lost dream homes.  Do you remember?  Again and again they repeat, over and over in millions of poor people as they are getting rich after forcing us to work and pay highest taxes as they grant to themselves good salaries and benefits. 


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