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Today, 7/26/12 I had two finals in Astronomy 100 and the lab. Yesterday was my last dancing class day and I do have one more to go: DGME 167

on July 27, 2012

My first week of classes I was so motivated and I made my assignments the first day, aside sending welcome notes to my web class classmates.  I asked the CSM librarian to give me part of the information requested and believe it or not I did not see in two of the assignments done the submission box.  Neither of the three were graded.  I lost 75 points.  The teacher had been nice and supportive.  No complaints.  I was able to locate one of the three, but I am not sure if I will get the 25 points because the problem is through web access, my classroom do not save my time spent no matter how many hours I had been spending now at the student center,  and in 2011 at the lab in building 18.  I had reported twice.  Now since day one and luckily at CSM we do have this new center and you can work on your projects.  They do have the latest on program, but for weeks I did not realized that it was not just the tons of pages loaded, but also the books assignments.  I was reading and highlighting, but I did not practice and the problem is the wicked students who are working my mind.  I stop writing in my blog wasting my time because majority of the time was not allowed to be post or was modify.  Last week in my DGME assignments I could not work a banner and I was lucky to extent the due date, but still today I was not able to do so.  Yes, I am crying, feeling that I am making the more than need effort.  I do have plenty of capacity, but many are not letting.  Many are denying my rights.  Many are discriminating against me and is not only CSM staff, students, president as well as the Chancellor who do not care, but worse of all I am not the only one suffering this religious persecution.

Like today, I am feeling lonely and even though I know that might not be no one there for me.  I am looking for myself to sheer up alone.    I had been having a hard day not because of my many task.  I usually enjoy them, but two or three abused me today and I am feeling frustrated.

At the center,  I do have rules and regulation to follow, but I do not have rights.  I saw the head of this place yesterday nicely telling to an oriental student to put her drink on the floor not on the desk.  Today, I got a Looly Pop and I was send out because if it did fall would damage the carpet.  I know there is a sign, but someone else was allow to have her drink on the same carpet and worse near the computers and my pop did have less chances to damage absolutely anything not even the carpet.  The same student was one of the one who do not let me study and practice and keep my mind going idle not catching the task.  No because I am stupid, but because it is not so easy and I know what I am saying.  Example:  I used to be dancing at my class an suddenly there it was a student who is an expert robber and suddenly after being able to coordinate the step as she was arriving I was lost, but I tracked down so I was opening my eyes to wait for her until she was knocked down.  No less here,  Today I had been able to ignore, but perhaps I am a bit tired and believe is not one or two, but bunches of wicked working on me and not only here.  Feeling frustrated after spending as for the last month hours in this place trying to learn and be successful in my classes.  I went to the bathroom to get my anger alone out because I cannot say as others.  Two students today say the word “F” many times just because they could not answer the phone or whatever.  I just heard them and I ignored, but one day, one of them was really hurting me: “H U R T I N G  M E” (SOMEONE SAID THIS IS SAYING IT ALOUD) and yes I am emphasizing as I am feeling the stupid “A” tongan who had been one of the ones working and persecuting as well as discriminating against me.  They are the ones deciding who can learn or who do not, but they allowed us to register and pay and never told us that we are consider less in combination with the government of this country and the representatives of this place.

Throughout the semester I felt happy.  I worked with two girl as a group in the Astronomy lab.  Today one of them showed me her face.  She made me bite my tongue as she was trying to I believe domesticate me because they see us as animals.  We ended up going to Safeway in San Mateo where I stop going because of the same all same all.  If they do not respect me as an individual.  I do not need their junks or their services.  I rather go farther and I rather spend more if I need to, but I will not take what they are doing to me or millions others.  As I bite my tongue; I stop eating as she made me put more red sweet and sour sauce.  We were going to take the test and they were trying to force me to flank it.

There I am having an A and I did not even study trying to focus on the one I am having a C + not because I did not dedicate my time, but because many made me feel tired at the corner of Whipple or in my car and struggling I barely could stand until 11p.m. most of the time for the last two weeks.  In first two test I barely read once the chapters and I did what I could.  Overall I am sure I am having a B average or higher because in my DGME class I had get 100% on all of my assignments with the exception of the two graphics and because they are not allowing me to work.

About my baby, I figured out that the father lie to me.  Baby only spent a week with my forced legal family and he said four and prior to it we did have to stand at the curve of his house (baby tired and bored: under the sun standing eating Mc Donald or so) because he had a surgery and I just wander if that is true or not.  Good number of times, baby said: “can you call tomorrow” and many times I am sure he is being punished if he does not do what he wants or please.  After all, Hayward and San Jose Police did help me this time.  Thanks to you!, but my child is being abuse and I have no rights as that man has all the rights when he is the one who committed many crimes.  He did rape me and him.  He did not disclose his psychic talents.  He forced me to marry.  He used to come and I after all was able to stand and told him: “I did not want to have anything with him, but to do so took me years as I did not know how easy was not only for him to force others to do as they please using witchcraft.  The knowledge of basis human computers. 

Many as I are forced to rob, to kill, use drugs, get or believe in the lies of doctors who make us to believe in HIV, CANCER, AIDS and so on and forth.  I am begging for help.  I am begging for support.  I just wrote a letter to the Attorney General for the second time and a letter to the Chief Honor of the Supreme Court of the United States.  I do not want to keep wasting my time through Redwood City California court system.


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