In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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I came from Whipple/Veterans Blvd. RWC, CA just to try to do my DGME 167 Assignment and the College of San Mateo WebSmart and Webaccess are not available

on July 27, 2012

I do have one more week to go in this class and I had had two problems with my two first graphic assignments.  Other than that I had have just 100% with the exception of my first three assignments which were 1) over check and two I could not figured out that I was supposed to submit that at Webaccess.  I done both: I asked the CSM Librarian or computer assistant: Teresa; she helped me with all the questions in the questionaire, but can you believe it I did not turn that in (?) Like if I never done so!

I just received a letter from CSM and Skyline that is asking me if I do understand that I do have only one more year of FAFSA Pell Grant because they forced me to waste years taking there 150 units which are not being accepted at San Francisco State University.  It is not easy to say: They said: they allowed up to 70 officially, but you can still transfer whatever help you, but you must complete 50 or up to 120 units after the 60 or in my case the 70 which is the maximum.  The sad part is I did not transfer to SJSU wishing to be away from my baby’s dad who did not disclose his psychic talents, the knowledge of mind and body computer and RAPE ME; FORCED ME TO EVEN MARRY TO HIM WHEN IN FACT AFTER HAVING THREE CHILDREN, ONE OF HIM, I REALIZED THAT I WAS VIRGEN.  I HAD NEVER EVER HAD AN ORGASM. In a way is sad, I told Honor Jakubowski as I requested the nullity of our marriage, and I told her how my “step daughter” used to send me home wild and wet and how I ended up loosing my virginity alone and I am not ashamed if I will not repeat what I told her is because, but ashamed of them not of me.  They that forced even young babies to prostitute just because.  Ashamed of government of the United States who knows and had been participating for years in the destruction of millions of the citizen of this country as they had been forcing them to do drugs, to prostitute, to rob and then they prosecute them to create economic means for the wicked members of their religious family group who are alienating the constitution of this country as well as our rights and freedoms. Ashamed of them!  Support a public accusation against government fo the United States.

In regards to my Skyline college letter in which they want me to acknowledge and decide if I want to keep on using the Pell Grant up to the 600% maximum as recently change by Congress.  Quite a number of people will be affected as I, but were many the ones to whom I informed last year: College of San Mateo Student Body; The President of College of San Mateo and Skyline as well as Chancellor Galotolo who got lost and ignored as I informed them how many were forcing me to not be able to do my assignments.  How many of the wicked students as well as teachers or others staff members were robbing my talents or knowledge as I discovered as they did and had been using against the poor and fatherless: the ones not accepted based on their religious believed.  The ones they as my baby’s dad forced us to conceive with the sole intention to work with the court system of this country as well as “Child Protective Services” which I discovered do not stand for what people do know is supposed to represent instead they are the ones making sure that our children are isolated, abused, raped with their participation and no one is there when you report and try to get help from them.

670,000 students abandoned their career goals at college level as I discovered just in California.  One of my classmate used my discovers and out of no where wrote about it after they assigned it to me not to him as I informed to the President of Skyline College and The Skyline View advisor.  They are pay no matter what once we complete the course and do not withdraw and if we do not comply with the 60% of the classes we are forced to pay back to FAFSA with interest.  The percentage of people that ended up with debts and without a career are very high and now this.  Can you believe it?  Many had been ignoring me.  In retaliation government took my child legal and physical custody and did participate in the rape of him back in 2005. 

Today, I am going to see my baby after five weeks without seeing him.  His father, the wicked member of the crime organized group using this country lie to me and told me for four weeks that he was with my forced legal family and they told me he was with them just for a week and prior to it as now he is forcing us to be in the curve of his home because he had a surgery done and even though have a new family which lives with him he does not have no one to take my child to Chuck E. Cheese or BounzCity as he did for a year.  But he is not the only one responsible in fact, I am blaming the Redwood City Superior Court who first allowed Honor Greenberg to do as she pleases in her court room, not our court room as the citizen of this country who pay their bills and selected them to give us justice based on the law of the land.  Several times I participated in the counselor time and I agreed just for the best interest of my baby to do as they please, but for the last seven years I have no rights to holidays, birthdays, or a visitation time pre-approved instead Honor MC Kenna left everything to his discretion and no matter how sure I am that my child life is in danger or that my child is being abused in many ways: he was called last in his second grade graduation despite the fact that his last name starts with C no Z.  Just to make him feel anxious and bad.  He does not know how to read.  Always wishes to go to a Karate class, but never had that.  13 children grew up in my home for years prior 2000 and I never had any problem.  Instead I represented all of them as well as their parents because they were not able to speak the English language.  Almost all graduated and the ones who got in trouble really happened because my forced family did want me to spend in lawyers and courts as they allowed my nephew to play with a BB gun and hide that from me.

150 units two time and a half to graduate from college. I earned the AA degree, but any other certificate is not relevant according to my counselors, but other students told me that they take them to enhance their curriculum.  What’s the different?  Lucky SFSU as College of San Mateo my letter accepting me as Sophomore is gone because someone must taken it as I go to class from my car.  No San Mateo college was much luckier: someone stole just my family case documents and my books and college documents as I was having finals last year.  Isn’t that something else?  Help, begging for help.  Support a public accusation against government of the United States who are alienating the law of the land: the constitution of this country as they are persecuting the citizens for religious reason.  Setting them up in jails, hospitals, diagnosing them Bi-polar like Britney Spear to have control of her money and as I my children and her children abuse just for religious reason diabolic practices.  HELP!   


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