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Luckily my DGME 167 Prof. allowed me to turn in my Sunday 7/22 on Thursday, but they are here making me feel tired and not letting me as at the Whipple corner or my car!

on July 23, 2012

I am telling you.  You are not as I am not stupid!  They are together.  They are worse than any comunist country.  The neighborhood watch is like the Comite Sandinista de Barrio or so.  I am telling you, I was accepted as Sophomore at SFSU and now I am a junior and as my documents (ONLY) were stolen with my book in Oakland last year.  Now my letter is gone!  Are they lucky? or are they worse than rats?  That is the answer.  They desintegrate our families just to have us isolated.  We go and they come in without you inviting them.  I just read about Scott Peterson, the man who killed his wife and pulled out his first baby.  For this man God made me go around telling what I had observed and if one can make it.  I will be happy.  Michael Jackson made it out of jail in God’s name.  I remember the date when the jurors were deciding.  I was in Corpus Cristi, Selena’s town and I heard not guilty after all.

It is sad!  I do not think we have a need to be doing what they are doing.  I do not think not one of us is better than absolutely anyone.  I believe that we all were created equal and depends on us how we are going to develop our mind, but it is not through over loading that anyone can make it.  Money are just pieces of papers that certainly have an economical value, but will never-ever have a human value.  They are invading us not only through our back hole, but our eyes.  You should see the Oriental guy who have been seating next to me hurting me.  Today is a tongan girl that happened to be in another of my classes.   I really need to start working on my project, but I will be sharing with you what they are teaching me not having fear of God.  After all, those are their secrets.  I am a proud wicked who used herself to serve the only God, but do not dare to use her talents against no one.  I just put them at his feet.  He is the one who takes care of me.  There are the extra eyes that not one of us have, but if he is with you; you do have an extra pair.

I know he laugh listening to me and my crazies ideas, but I will never say enough about him.  You are not going to believe what I am going to say, but one day as many others I was walking to 24 hours pool and there it was a bunch of old farts like me in it exercising and one young woman went straight near me and I never saw anything more ridiculous: I believe she was flirting with my soul like if I care, but I will be honest; she did not have any respect for herself and I did not like it.  Perhaps I am old fashion, but I feel that we must be wish and never ever we should be so low price.  I might sound crazy, but there I am proud to say that there is my value and I am very proud of it.  I do not think God see me as a woman, but as the one who believes in him.  At least I never figured out if he is flirting with me, but I never put attention to it.  One of the good things about what I am going through is that I had learn that I am never bother with what is there, but I never miss what is gone, but I had learn to appreciate thing for their little details not the huge economical values.

I am gratefl today and this is part of what he likes and enjoy: someone that value him as her friend, as her brother, as her sister, as her everything, but because of him, not because of whom he is.  I the only thing I can wish to see him having is the best who cares is that is me or not because if you care for someone absolutely everything is absolutely anything.  I am sure we are paying for the technological advances that to certain extent are not taking us forward, but backward unfortunately.


I do know that they train wicked through movies and disney stories or the exterminator.  Go hear and watch “La camissa negra” of the Colombian singer and see how the frequencies moved the energy or what I called God our soul.  Go learn how Arnold Swarzenegger taugh them and why many are using the wires to atransport our soul energy through it.  Go see why many goes by me and takes photos, but what they do not know is that quite a number had done so and with infra red and because the one who is in between I do not worry!  If he testing us?  Today, I learn that the first constellations or the primitive version of it are like held in time, the professor said: is like having the ingredients ready, but never making the cake and there is the answer.  Why not?  Are those his records?  Why not?  I do believe is there four world nto one; one for each hemisphere and I am sure that the day and time is written someplace that no one knows and I am sure he really knows what he is doing, when and how will end?  I learned now about the black holes reversing time in age, but I did figure that out before.  He goes back and forth in time and he is much faster than time and even time is slow for him.  I am sure that if he is the beginning and the end is because he knows where he is standing, where he is going.  What is sad is to see how some of us knowing that our mind capacity is not using not even a dot of the trillions of sand particles they believe than can or do know more than him.  They usually say:” can read!; your letters are too little: those are suggestions.  Do not believe and learn the proverbs: they were figure because someone smart put them together and do not try to see what is not there or look for what is not showing: the curiosity killed the cat!

Anyway, I am sure, that they are taking our talents, but at the same time, they sometimes rather give me the grade and not let me learn or practice.  Who knows what is there, but I do not give a dumb!  He is the one blame or the thank for what he is doing.  Poor little me, do not know anything!


Estrellita De Jesus

P. S.: with my best intention and I hope you can figure that out!


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