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Today 24 Hours Fitness put my service or membership under review and the SMPD again lie and on the spot: “He said: “I kick the man twice.”

on July 6, 2012

Oh well, not only homeless, but again without a place to shower or have my basis needs.  I am sure that it was purposely done and are many the ones working or participating.  My faith is in him.  Yes, I am crying is not easy, but what else.  I am begging you for help and protection.

Estrella Benavides

P. O. Box 2741

Redwood City, CA 94064

(650) 921-2084 (Phone not working due to religious persecution suffer!)




                                                                                                  Thursday, July 05, 2012



24 Hours Fitness

Member Services

 P. O. Box 2689

Carlsbad, CA 92018


Member Services:


            This morning as several times I had suffered abuses from other members as well as from the staff.  Today, I met the Club Manager with whom I did have the pressure opportunity to talk for a few minutes as they requested me that they were going to have my membership under review and to leave from the place.  Certainly is many other places around the Bay and are many the ones wishing to catch a customer and perhaps on those I will not be limited as I had been this time or as I was for years when 24 hours fitness made me pay for years $ 70 to $ 80 dollars every month without using it just for them to lower the cost of the wicked people as I discovered.  I will report to my son who happened to have this time the membership, for him to be aware and/or expect your decision.  I called San Mateo Police and I knew that is not much what I can expect from them.  Nevertheless, this time they did arrive and did in a timely manner, but as usual at first he told me that you have cameras which I knew and he was able to review and I agreed with him.  Then he told me his mistake and you did not have them, but after all they were available.    


            Anthony Riccardi was the police officer who arrived and took my report or at least I hope he did that.  This morning I entered the woman shower, the only place where for the last three months, I had been allowed.  I used to go on the first floor of the San Mateo 24 hours fitness located at 5th Avenue and El Camino Real, but wicked members decided that I was not going to do so because they were not able to take from me or to abuse me.    Perhaps you do not understand me, but I discovered that mind and body is just the soul’s home and that witchcraft is the knowledge of the basis of it, but worse of all, I am not the first one knowing this instead it seems to be I am a bit late.


You used to have a woman instructor who as other teaches or lead exercise classes.  With her as I had observed others people are working out in the swimming pool and even though are not with them as I other stretch or exercise in the Sauna as me and two others were doing today.  That what from far I also saw as they were re viewing the incident that happened today.


            The police officer mentioned above told me that is your policy not to allow people to exercise and is the reason why I wrote above that it first of all sounds awkward because I myself go to do so to your place and not to socialize and I had never seeing any sign posted and instead as indicated in last paragraph: “I had even participate in the classes given at the swimming pool.  What happened today as in many other occasions (3-4 times I had reported at the front desk) and I will describe the whole scenario was five to six people were at the sauna.  Good numbers of them were there and no doubt whatsoever trying to harm me and abusing me. 


            One of the individuals next to me left and the woman who was at the steps and as I entered moved next to me and as I started stretching.  All were having a good distance in between us, after all we were 4-6.  I was just doing my own thing as many do all the time.  We could stretch the feet without disturbing anyone and after my hands, arms I moved my feet up, and then from the 90 degree angle to the other at the corner in which I was.  At the other extreme was a man which I did not noticed until he moved toward me and having his face discomposed he was approaching me very upset and hit my leg near my foot as he said: “stop.”   If not everyone, majority of the 3-4 men told him to stop as one of my foot contact his chest.  He was out of mind and his face to me frightened.  He did back off as the men kept on talking to him and one of them went out and as he did he told me that he was not right; the man did not apologized to me, but acknowledge to the others and the man who went out told me I was wrong because I hit him in his chest and I did clarified to him. 1) He hit me and 2) I did say: “What are you talking about, when you all were trying to harm me? And I did say to them, he was the one who came to me not asking me to stop because I was doing anything unacceptable against him, he just stood up and hit me and told me “STOP.”  He said whatever and left, saying that if he was the one he should complaint and it seems to be the one who reported because the other said, No, let it go.  The man who approached me out of nowhere and yield and hit me as I kept on doing and once or twice he said: I told you that I will take care of you!.  In no time I was splashing, but the problem is, they were not able to get my attention or to invade me and he got frustrated.


            The police officer, Mr. Riccardi after seeing the video which I saw from far and I never saw what he said: told me that I hit him twice.  A lie that never happened and told me that they do have some witnesses, but at first was telling me that if anything I was the one who commit a crime, but totally ignored what I did say or barely let me say as usual.  Lucky that he got there at least and their choice if they want to be ashamed in near future publicly due to their lack of ethics, bias and certainly, no doubt: discriminating and denying protection to me as I had been reporting not only in San Mateo, Redwood City, through California Superior Court as well as the Chief of the Supreme Court of the United States at least publicly at the beginning of this week and through the mail today.


            Now, Lai is I believe a Tongan employee of your which works at the front desk.  About a month or two ago, she was at the place and as usual I entered.  The steam was not working and I did enter the dry sauna.  As I did, there it was a towel hanging and I did the same.  She came and approached me and told me not to do so and to remove it from there.  I did and I move from the Spa to the pool.  There it was Marta another of your guest who happened to be one of the people who had been abusing me constantly: harming my feet, legs, destroying my nails, my skin on my hands.  Making my hair, eyebrows’ and others looking funny to create defective conditions on me through the knowledge of witchcraft and technology as many had done for years with the participation of our government.  She was in the center.  I was at the steps and I was certainly splashing and exercising.  Perhaps not as many others, but I had seen someone even jumping.  Lai told me off and I asked her if she was discriminating or harassing me.  She asked me to go and I did and as she kept on telling me, I said: “I will go, please stop telling me anything.”  She told me not to talk to her and since then, I do not do so.  Yesterday, she stop me and told me I did something wrong as I signed in and to re due and I did knowing that many times she had tried to harm me and invade me.


            Today, as I came out of the pool where I moved as the men kept on threaten me, she came to the bathrooms and told me that I hit a man and go from the premise as soon as I was able.  She asked me a yes or no question which I avoid due to my discoveries and I say, let me explain you.  I was going to go with you as I was ready and she did not let do so as I tried to tell her as I am going over with you.  She just accuse of me of being harassing that man.  I believe she does not know what it means.  I never spoke or saw that man ever and today, he was the one who frightened me with his action.  The man who made the complaint and another who was at the left opposite side from the one who attacked me I know and both had been abusing me in many ways.  I had never complaint or say about it.  If they are talking aloud or using the phone to invade me, I just sing or pray to God.  I took a shower, dress and I asked to let me talk to the manager.  She did provide me with information as I asked and for a second she misunderstood me, but we were able to manage.  Someone else assisted her, I believe was John and he did provide me with SMPD phone number.


            Maggie Britt said “She is a new employee and had never talked to me.  Certainly, I did more than twice.  Between two to four weeks ago, as I entered she approached me with someone else and a lab or so and asked if it was mine and commented that she had seeing me coming with things as I answered.  For sure last week, she entered to the women showers and was asking if everyone was ok.  I was using as majority of the time the first shower which had curtain vs. glass door, but I heard and saw her.  Prior to it and for the third time, another of your guest was yelling: “STOP,” (this time only that word).  Another woman came and asked her if she was ok, prior Britt coming into the showers asking and also asked her if she did want her to call anyone.  As I went out, I did approach her and I did say.  This is the third time that happened.  The young woman who cut her legs was the one who had yield twice the same way.  She was nice and told me she was going to take care and as I saw her yesterday, she was pleasant.  Today she denied and said that she went around asking, but I was the only one who was there on front of the police and she mention that I am the second who membership is in review.  Someone else had been kick according to what she said.  I am sure, there it was a young woman who assisted the woman that three times had yield not only “STOP.” “Cheaters,” “What are you doing, STOP.” And as the other one had been threaten.  I had been ignoring.  I had never say or respond to her, but she is not the first one doing so.  A man recently hit me at the corner of Whipple/Veterans Blvd. where I am publicizing my discoveries and I am claiming to be The Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s (real name of Jehovah) servant.  There is a report made at RWCPD which was also sent to Obama’s Attorney General among others.


            For sure it was about two months ago when I went to the front desk and I reported to a young white, tall fellow who happened to be there.  He was nice and pleasant.  I reported to him that the woman who worked at the Children area, an Indian looking, black hair, black eyes and not black, but dark skin like me: several times went around spraying things.  Someone else asked her to stop doing that as she did one time as many others on me.  The times I reported at the front desk and for the third or fourth time, she just went on front of me.  No matter where I was or where I was going.  I could it be seating or dressing and she just step over not even saying excuse me; just doing so.  I asked her to stop.  She was not the only one.  Another white woman just put her junk on mine as I was seating and dressing.  I told him that I though the lockers were first come, first serve as the bathrooms or so, but with respect.  If someone happens to be using one of the benches at least ask and do so or as many other polite, educate people had done: “Excuse me, and I certainly move away for them to approach their stuff in lockers or whatever.”  Many had been using the scale and many others, the hand dryer, but I just ignored or sing or pray and go. 


            Believe me, I am sure this is happening just to create dirty conditions use through witchcraft, but they do not work on me the way that works on others.  My AT & T issue is not isolated: “My phone is being pay, but it is off, just because wicked are denying my First Amendment right and limiting my family or internet access with the sole intention to make me feel alone.  Believe, my CD was just playing: “My heart is Solo,” but no, my heart is always with the home that is: “I am who I am.”  The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, my king, the king of kings; my rock, my shield, the salvation of the poor and the fatherless and in his name, I will make it through and I will make quite a number ashamed publicly.





Estrellita De Jesus Benavides Lopez,The Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s Servant!         





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