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My face, legs and body hurt: “I was forced to stand 7/1/12 at Whipple/Veterans Blvd. – RWC without my whole set up and without sun blocking protection!

on July 3, 2012

I am sure that everyday they are holding me without being able to stand early in the morning.  I am sure they sent me around the Bay from San Mateo-Richmond and San Jose-San Mateo on Friday and I am sure they made me spent on what I do not need; I have no space for and worse of all after they scratch my public accusation written on my van.  Now again, they want me to submit another motion and I do feel I have no choice for the sake and safety of my baby.  I am going forward believing in Eloi.  I wish God granted me compassion.  It is not easy for me to be suffering the death of my family or myself without anyone to help me or able to hear my prayers and public beg.  I just hope that people wear my shoes and think about what many are blaming me for.  They said: “It’s suck!, but they do not care and they show me their crime without caring about what I told you: God commanded me and you do not have fear of him.  They called me freak, idiot, stupid, crazy but who is really giving up their secrets.  Who is the idiot and the stupid who do not care?  Yes, I am crying and I am also trying to make you understand what it seem to me is the problem.  You do not care and you should do!

Richard Joliffe

621 Middlefield Rd

Redwood City, CA 94063


Estrella Benavides


P. O. BOX 2741

Redwood City, Ca 94064

(650) 921-2084



Superior Court of California

County of San Mateo

Concepcion Cabrera,



Estrella Benavides,


Case No.: 085609




Estrella Benavides, being duly sworn, deposes and says: That she is a party forced to be representing herself IN PRO PER to one of the within actions out of about 26-32 cases.  In this family case No. 085609 not only Honor Greenberg, Honor Jakubowski and Honor MC Kenna and now days again due to the rotation of judges in the system according to what I am understanding Honor Greenberg before whom the family case action is pending is prejudiced against the defendant party or the interest of the party so that affiant cannot or believes that Estrella Benavides cannot have a fair and impartial hearing before Honor Greenberg in her family case which is been file because of the safety and life threaten issues I am having against my minor child JAC-B as well as for myself and my whole family as I discovered the used of witchcraft and for the last seven (7) years I had been trying to make public.  I am requesting that not one of the judges who had been assigned through the Superior Court of California on mine many cases through the federal court or the Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo be reassigned in those specific cases.  I had been unfairly treated.  I even appealed one of the cases and no matter what the law established for me was not applied.  Due to the life threaten of my baby: JAC-B as well of my whole family and myself I AM FILING the (Ex-Parte) after the denial of a Domestic Violence motion I was advised to file by the Facilitator.  You can see my signs posted at the corner of Whipple/Veterans Blvd in Redwood City posted also at and see also the attachment to this Ex-parte which was filed with the DVC, but the honor said: “I had never filed any police report or Child Protection.”  Attached you will find a list of all the cases related to me and through their caption you can find the trick played.  All pages had been number and dated, but this last information most of the time match the date stamped by the court and sometimes might not depending on the game played on the date I tried to file.  I am requesting that in this family case No 085609 Honor Susan Greenberg is not reassigned. Not only Honor Greenberg had been prejudiced against defendant because of my discoveries: Mind and body is just the soul’s home and witchcraft is the knowledge of the human body computer among many other things as the use of the United States government system by the crime organized group who are using even the Court System of this country for the best interest of wicked people in this country.  I am aware that the court system of the United States establish a different way to reach the Supreme Court of the United States of America, but as many times (three) I had filed through the Federal court system located in San Francisco they had dismissed it abusing authorities and discretions and discriminating against me.  I am living on the street due to the religious persecution I have been suffering in a conscious way for the last 10 years; I have been forced to know how they are trying to kill, abuse, and use and toss me and my family as well as millions others through the use of computer knowledge: witchcraft.  Just last night 7/1/12 at the corner several times the Redwood City police as they were going with their vehicles between 6-7p.m. were abusing my body system and tried many times to force me to fart, pu ( # 2), hurt my legs and so on and forth.  I am not mentioning the good number of wicked members who stop their vehicles, walk by or stand for hours as I “begging for money,” but aligning their bodies with mine to put in my soul’s home the load of their body use.  I have no doubt whatsoever of what I had discovered.  I am paying for a phone service through AT & T, but for the last three weeks my phone was set up off just because I used to use it for my safety and protection to publicize using my First Amendment right through my blog their abuses.  Not only had my due process right been denied.  Also basis human rights, for no reason Honor Greenberg imposed a DVC in 2005 just because she could do whatever in her court room (see attachment: fee waiver appeal on 7/5/12).  I am forced to see as children, adults wicked people forcing my baby to fall and hit his body.  See what I reported through the DVC filed and denied recently, but the honor did not find no background to grant it.  I SAW PLAINTIFF TOUCHING MY BABY, I REPORTED ON 4/18/05 THROUGH CONGRESS AND I EVEN TOLD THEM WHY I DID NOT REPORTED THAT THROUGH THE SAN MATEO POLICE, BUT I INQUIRED SEVERAL TIMES THROUGH THE CITY HALL AND NO ONE EVER TOLD ME WHAT OR WHERE TO GO, BUT WORSE OF ALL: I FINALLY DID REPORTED THROUGH SMPD AND THEY JUST REJECTED MY ACCUSATION WITHOUT EXPLANATION: NEITHER FROM THEM, COURT OR CPS BACK IN 2005.  As I tried several times to report too many others see list attached they were moving him out of jurisdiction as they done to me back in 2005 to deny my Habeas Corpus right.  I am bringing my many issues by this motion and this way because I do not know any other way on how and I had exhausted any other through the system.  MY BABY LIFE, MYSELF AND MY FAMILY LIFE IS IN DANGER!  My family had been split and separated to isolate and abuse as they used to do to Black families back in 1776 and I will say back in slavery because based on what I discovered slavery was refaced.  Black were as wicked as any other races and all they done was abolished slavery for the Black wicked people, but quietly imposed to the poor people from all races and from all over the world.

My baby is worked and exploited through the Web: his father has a web business in which he is skating to sell energy drinks as he told me and his dad will get pay for what he is doing by mail.  My baby’s body is being used by his dad’s wicked family to exercise as I discovered many others trying to do so through me not having fear of the only God, Eloi Yahweh (real name of Jehovah) to whom I am serving.  Since 2011 I had made several reports at College of San Mateo where not only wicked students, but staff and professors are participating in the discrimination and religious persecution of students like me who are not acknowledging their soul which bottom is the energy which can be change, but cannot be destroyed.  Many are been killed to slave their soul or energy that way.  My baby’s body was used by my forced legal family to celebrate the dead of my nephew anniversary or “B-Day;” he was killed back in Nicaragua in 2000 by them in combination with the United States Embassy in Nicaragua.  My nephew’s body was declared death twice and it was removed from one hospital to an unknown place against his only parent will, my non-wicked legal sister.  My baby’s body SEVERAL TIMES WAS BRUISED AND THE SHUTTLE OF MY OLDER SON, MY GRANDDAUGHTER’S MOTHER AS THE ORIENTAL MAN TOLD ME AS SHE WAS THE ONE WHO WAS TAKING HIM BACK TO HAYWARD AND KICKING AND ABUSING HIM AFTER THE HOURS OF VISITATION IN WHICH NOT ONLY HIM WAS ABUSE, BUT ME. My baby’s life was threaten many times, but in 2006 his father took him back to Mexico as they told me they would do to kill him; recently in June 2012 again many times they had told me he will fall this time: and I had seen him falling at BounzCity where not only him had been hurt, but also me and my granddaughter as I took her once.  Two men, a Mexican and an Oriental hurt my granddaughter and the Oriental so stupidly told me making fun of seeing her crying just because they were “Mucho macho” or what I called pig and coward abusing children who are not aware and who do not know how to defend themselves.  At the school my baby is not being taught as everyone else instead his father is making sure he is under dirty, imperfect conditions to make sure that wicked students, and staff are able to take from him his talents.  Kay Codington, the 6th floor counselor reported to his father my baby’s wishes to come to live with me and he was punished because of it.  My son do not kiss me as I am forced to park outside his dad’s home to visit with him for the last month as I am not allowed to use my phone to call him once a day as I used to do.  Please read the captions of my many cases and find there the discrimination I am suffering, find there the denial of my rights and freedoms and find there the abuses of authorities and discretion of Honors like Greenberg, Jakubowski, MC Kenna, Scott, Quentin Kopp who even told the plaintiff representative what to file and where to go to do so on the spot as I had been forced to represent myself because no lawyer want to fight the federal government and court system of the United States. Not all the details are being disclosed through this motion and with all my respect I am begging both of you to refer to the attached documents and cases files.  The court system is even used to force me to give up my right to release a title company who refused and ignored my request to give me my equity (Belmont property without me releasing them from the known of the unknown), but my son paid $ 30,000.00 in the show participation in which Honor Weiner last minute said: “She granted the title company lawyers to serve me last minute and on the spot their arguments.  I am not a lawyer and I don’t think that anyone would let them do so because to argue a matter based on the law needs research and study of the points and facts.

Do not blame me for your mistakes and lack of fear of the only God, the two lawyers assigned in my “violation of the law” after being forced and they were the ones who used my mind and body, soul’s home: 1) asked me if I broke the hand prior the abuse of force by the sheriff – found guilty because of “my lawyer doubts and misrepresentation” and the other proposed changes on the City Code to force them to fit and alienate my First Amendment right.  Many are calling me freak, but who is really when they are the ones who knowing that Eloi commanded me to observe, accuse and set his banners are letting me see their crime.  Don’t blame me because I am filing and filing when you are the one forcing me to “legally accuse me of harassment as did through the advised DVC recently denied.”  Don’t blame me because I am constantly forced to write and write another sign and stand at the corner of Whipple/Veterans Blvd. now days when you were the one who forced me not only to use my properties, my cars as billboards.  I am blaming you because of the assault I just suffered (see RWCPD report and OCC) and don’t blame me because I am reaching the Supreme Court of the United States without using the normal channels.  They forced me to stand under the sun without protection and not only my face, but whole body is hurting today.  Don’t blame me because of all you had been doing using my mind and body to accuse me and persecute me for religious reason as you done for 100’s of years against the poor and the fatherless in this country.  Don’t blame them because they were used to rob, prostitute, use drugs, kill or rape.  I am publicly accusing the wicked souls of the crime organized people using the United States government system.

Don’t blame me because I was standing at the corner of Ralston/El Camino Real in Belmont for years and no less at Whipple/Veterans Blvd. in Redwood City when had been wicked people who had forced me trying to make me to not make sense publicly.  Don’t blame me when you are not going by my Constitutional rights and freedoms or for what is the law of the land and don’t blame me when Honor Greenberg imposed me for years a Domestic Violence Restraining Order when I was never found guilty in the Court of Law or I never violated the law. Don’t blame me when in Hayward Police the officer told me that my junk was abandoned when I just step to her side to see the marks on my baby’s feet that were not as bad according her and told me to step back or else she was going to hit me just because she did want to trespass my documents and made me repeat my declaration 3-4 times just trying to force me to ‘harass the baby’s dad.”  Again and again and the last intimidation written on the DVC filed on June 2012 by Dad’s lawyer.  $ 10,000.00 requested as penalty, but he did not know anything about it or the filed motion responding and opposing my advised filed Domestic Violence.

I swear under California perjury laws that the foregoing is true and nothing else than the truth and I am signing this affidavit in San Mateo City and San Mateo County at San Mateo College at about 3:20pm and publicly accusing government representatives of being alienating not only my rights, freedoms as well as the constitution itself, but the rights and freedoms of millions others who are not aware of what I discovered, but it has been used against the poor and fatherless for more than 100’s of years and they do not have jurisdiction at all and whatsoever as long as I am publicly accusing them of the worse crime ever based on my discoveries on July 2, 2012.



  Estrella Benavides


p. o. Box 2741

Redwood City, CA 94064

(650) 921-2084 * off by wicked; they just passed and changed the energy of my phone to deny my rights.



See Attachments:_ pages


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