In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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My Ex-Parte was stamped received and I added additional information which was posed in the Denied Domestic Violence

on July 3, 2012

I am not sure where I am going, but doing so in faith of the only God, Eloi Yahweh.  If he cannot help me who else can help us?  I have no doubt that even though I had never saw or physically heard him, he has been answering, supporting and protecting me as he promised us all: “Whoever believes will be save as written in the Holy Bible.” 

This is what I wrote on the additional papers:  Oh well, it looks like the upload mode of wordpress is different today than yesterday and that is having compatibility problems.  Isn’t that something else?  I will try to do that later.

Any how, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, no matter what the Americans believes that we gained Independence 100’s something years.  Sorry, I am not up to figure out the exact number of years.  I was just watching  a movie at the Astronomy class.  Did you ever heard that we might be surrounded by water and that the fish never realized that until he is out of it?  Oh well, that was it looks like it!

I will not jump into conclusion until I can say that, but someone else already thought so.  Today, I am going to Whipple/Veterans Blvd. and I will go pick up the approval of the denial of my filing on Thursdays.  Nevertheless, I will go to the post office to send the copy received in the mail.

I was lucky that the clerk told me I was supposed to serve the lawyer and this is one of the only time in which you can serve it yourself.  The lawyer, Richard Joliffe was not there and I believe the lady who received it felt bad with his answer on the phone as she did informed him about my Ex-Parte dropped.

I also filed a motion requesting the removal of Honor (s) in my cases and yes I am aware that I am not going by the normal channel procedure, but my rights are been violated and denied as they are just doing as they please.

I am publicly begging for help and begging for support.  Millions like me are suffering the religious persecution.  You might not understand what I am saying, but please let me have the chance to tell you and decide for yourself. SUPPORT PUBLIC ACCUSATION.

I went to photocopy my papers at FEDEX near or on Veterans Blvd. and believe it or not they were copied having a line that was not on my original and as I was doing so, someone else got there so I hurry and I moved away for her to do her own.  She did not have the same output or problem.  Oh well, that is the use of imperfection, and the use of the employee mind who was not so happy with me and who entertained me for a while, but this time I was able to see the error (some pages were not photocopy and were missing in my packages and I was able to faster put it together.)  I am improving back in my 1864 Cottage Grove home motion under a lot of pressure of time due to the process.  I was not able to do so and I ended up doing so the same morning.  Office Depot employees in San Carlos participated and Honor Scott told me it was too bad I was not a lawyer.



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