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Since yesterday continuosly withouth phone

on June 21, 2012

My phone was turned off as I was speaking with my second son after I came out from court.   I went to Costco trying to put gas, but I felt overwhelm and I dialed him and I started crying as we were talking and that was it.  One of my shuttles turned off my phone.  I am not having any of my alarm clocks working.  It is insane how they are not only denying my First Amendment, but any basis human rights.  I had not been able to talk to my baby and he is being forced to say I do not want to go with you as my older son tried to take him to Pittsburgs prior to the hearing on 6/20/12.  I asked my older son because his father had a surgery and he is getting bored at home.  I saw him for a few on the sidewalk of his dad’s home.  We luckily ate using a shopping cart abandoned there as table.  Well he did not eat exactly; he got stomaches as he tried to and barely gave some bites to the hamburger and two pieces of chicken Mc Nuggets.  He is being fast, but Honors do not have basis as everyone is trying to deny their crime.

She did not found any basis.  I submitted a citizen complaint at RWCPD; I wrote to the Attorney General and the District Attorney, but not enough!


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