In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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My stupid court date: None of my alarms did work this morning and I woke up about 6a.m.

on June 21, 2012

Again as I went totally down and I called my second son to talk to someone, they cut my phone line and ended up talking alone.  Still not working, but paying to AT & T for no phone available when I need it.  It went quick once they called us and baby’s dad was not present.  I do believe this is the second or third time that he is the one and to be honest I feel he is the one who really decide in my baby’s issues not his biological father who yes is participating as wicked, but not exactly deciding.

The honor was a Latino woman.  I felt not because she is Latina a bit respected! Bottom none of them really care about a non-wicked child or family.  She went over the law acknowledge that the basis of my Domestic Violence did not demonstrate that my baby is in danger!  she just said: he did not provide the safety tools, but . . .  I totally disagree with her on it.  I do have a cousin, his name is Jimmy.  He did have three accidents on a skateboard and damaged his head that bad that he is under a court award!  He was very sharp and smart.  He used to speak Spanish very well even though he never went to Nicaragua.  He is native American, but he ended up a bit slow.  He is always dope and his life was destroyed that way as millions others.

Believe or not, baby’s dad back in 2005 he did helped me to install the baby’s car seat; he helped me to paint the car public accusation and he did go with me to Reno testing the car and one of the basis for his Domestic Violence approved against me was that the car was not safe as well as the car seat and you are not asking me, but one of the most expensive car seat at Costco I purchased and I did returned it because he never told me that he could not figured out the appropriate installation of it and baby was ridding with him without done so and the one he helped me to install on The El Camino Chevy was a $ 10.00 deal at a garage sale, but it was an Eddie Bower baby car seat!

I am crying again; right now just God is holding me steel.  Today, I do not know where to go or what to to stop them from playing the “dumb game” I know you had been having some problems, but today and here we are just . . .

Help, my baby life is in danger.  No one ever told me where exactly to go and as I did everywhere, they are all ignoring me!  What a government we do have, isn’t it?


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