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6/20/12 The recommended Domestic Violence granted hearing at 9a.m. at RWC

on June 19, 2012

The baby’s dad counsel is opposing and not agreeing on absolutely anything as usual.   He is again repeating that he moved out of my house since 2003.  The only domestic violence which ever happened between both of us was back in 2004 and I was penalized by SMPD who put me in jail and kept me out of my house not caring for my baby as he was the one who trespassed and abused us.  The DA’s Office rejected the case.  I was never found guilty in the court of law because they were afraid of me telling publicly about my discoveries.

I accused him on 4/18/05 through congress people and again 6/25/05 through SMPD and CPS.  All ignored.  This is what he is arguing in short: that he disagree and that the allegations make no sense, are rambling and incoherent, have been raised many times in the past to no avail, and are designed simple to harrass me and increase my costs and attorney fees.

Make no sense what The United States celebrate year after year: Halloween, make no sense the millions of people believe and dress to celebrate.  Make no sense and many live from it.  Make no sense what I discovered as I as millions others heard back in 1996 at Cristina – Univision show, but certainly I will add that NO ONE CAN DO IF YOU HAVE FAITH IN THE ONE WHO IS I AM WHO I AM.  The Lord, Eloi Yahweh as I am doing.  Yes they hurt, yes, they destroy your nails, your teeth can be broken or pull because they fake a pain in your mind and if you do believe on it you can even die as millions are dying with cancer, HIV, AIDS . . .

He said: on 12/21/11, the court essentially declared respondent a “Family Law vexations litigant” and ordered that any further filings in this case would have to be personally reviewed by the assigned judicial officer and approved before filing or calendaring.  I was threaten as many other times on Friday at the end of May and I could not file because of it, but baby’s dad was going to take him to an old town and after all and as many other times: 2006 and the many times I had wrote publicly begging to the people of this country for help, and protection; he did not take baby to that town and told him that he couldn’t because on that town they did not let anyone to ride on the skateboard and they could take that from him, but he was going as he did back in 2006 to Mexico.  Yes, I ended up at Mills Peninsula Hospital and everyone was not able to hear my beg to apply the only exception in using the recommended PA speaker as the recommended Domestic Violence motion I was granted to file and now it is a harassment for the criminals, but he said that since respondent is thus prohibited from filing yet another in a long string of Orders to Show Cause or Notices of Motion, she has filed this Request for Domestic Violence Prevention Restraining Order as an “end around” play to once again haul me into court and sustain additional costs and attorney fees by responding and appearing in this matter. 

I prepared an Ex-Parte and it was April, the Facilitator Officer who recommended it.  I suffered throughout the weekend not having any choice and not knowing what to do since I don’t even have a choice to be represent without being discriminated or misrepresented as I had been in the past as in Belmont City case in which the “lawyer” was the one who recommended the changes in the 22-2 city code that it was just for gardeners or so.

He is respectfully requesting the court to deny this application and, under Family Code 271 et seq., to sanction me in the amount of $ 10,000.00 as he did three times in the past and believe it or not the court had granted it.  As they had always made me pay for the biggest expenses as they moved my baby from town to town as I had been reporting and requesting and investigation.  The Counselor on the 6th floor even reported baby on the only interview he ever had and father punished him because he did say he did want to come to live with me.  Help Me Please.  I am begging as I did three times on front of “Honor Jakubowski” in my knees not only to God, but to the people of this country.  I had never violated no law and I swear as of 6/17/12 my baby called on saturday 6/16/12 and asked to go get food for him; he lost weight in the last two weeks and I am sure they are doing that just to be able to get him into an accident.  He also told me that he hit his step sister’s boyfriend car many times.  I have no doubt whatsoever is done purposely because humans mind and body is a computer.  the soul’s home and witchcraft is just the knowledge of computers. 

The Redwood City, CA superior court had been discriminating against me; had alienated my due process in combination with the San Francisco Federal Court and many are the tricks highlighted in my many cases.

I declared under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California and The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, real name of Jehovah that the foregoing is true and correct and that I have no doubt whatsoever.  Millions are being persecuted for religious reason by the law representatives of this country and they are the ones who do not have jurisdiction and are the ones alienating not only the Constitituion of this country, but our rights and freedoms. 

Many people had seen my signs in which publicly I had been reporting and publicizing how many times the father had taken my child to the skateboard park without safety protection and after I had been threat as back in 2006.

Honor MC Kenna totally ignored.  The Deputy kick me out of the court room on the day of the hearing in which I submitted a notarized accusation against the baby’s dad.  It was done purposely.  They had been the ones who are forcing me to keep on writing and to keep on doing.  They were the ones who forced me to use not only my vehicles, but also my homes as billboards trying to force me to not make sense publicly and for years I had been standing thanks to the Lord, Eloi Yahweh.

Baby’s dad had not complied on giving me the $ 127.00 per month as spousal support and Honor MC Kenna denied and increment as Jakubowski told me I could request, but even though baby’s dad answered to her that he did not want no child support, she granted again the $ 74.00 they had forced me to pay not caring that many times I am the only one paying for the visitation expenses all the way to Modesto, San Jose, Hayward and so on and forth without having a job and as I am struggling on the street because they robbed all my properties


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