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6/17/12 baby told me that many times he (was forced- no doubt, I had witnesses that many times and I had been publicizing it)!

on June 19, 2012

100’s of years, government had been forcing the poor to procreate: wsting using them as I witnessess also at RWC reader partners where a girl was used as I returned what they were coding me for: to get tired and sleepy at finals at CSM.  Now days they are also persecuting wicked, the strongers are the ones who will survive because as one employee of Grocery Outlet responded to me saying that millions more need to be killed with AIDS, HIV as I told to the man who on front of me was telling him trying to use witchcraft and suggesting as many do as they go at the corner of Whipple: this time about the hot, windy weather,. but at the corner about the size of the letter and many times I need to respond to them I cannot hear you doing the same or as they put on last saturday a beggar at the corner until 11 p.m. for him to be controlling and manipulating the mind of the people going by.

Or perhaps as you may see there, people crossing not at the pedestrian line on front of the police and they let them. or cars that are turning right ended up crossing straight despite they are almost causing many accidents as the second line is trying to turn and the third one to go straight and no police say absolutely anything.  You perhaps may had seen the woman who crossed as the light is red not only with her volvo car or walking across not caring for the vehicles having the green light,  Yes that is the used of witchcraft because our soul, non-wicked soul is a caring individual who get anxious seeing that and they invade him that way.


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