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I am appealing my Fee Waiver denial by Honor Greenberg! Help!

on June 16, 2012

In respect to the Americans and the place you are seating Honor Greenberg:

I am appealing your denial of my fee waiver filed recently at the beginning of this

Month in which you wrote that I did not write my Assets on page 2.  As I re-submi

Tted a new form dividing the amount received from my Financial Aid help thru

TheCollegeofSan MateoorSan FranciscoStateUniversitythis year as I am

Transferring.  Certainly as I was informed by my counselor I will just be receiving

Twice a year: One per Fall Semester, One per Spring Semester a lump sum amount

Which made mislead anyone if you happened to see it as it is deposited, but I need

To struggle and managed it for the rest of the time.  Last year I received a Summer

Financial Aid, but due to the budget cuts I will not.  I used to own Five Properties

As you may remember, but due to the abuses of authorities and discretions you did

Imposed a Temporary Restraining Order totally ignoring the Transmutation Mari-

Tal Agreement I filed as you also imposed the TRO as you told me just because

You could do in your court room as you please, but as I did say back in 2005, but

I was never found guilty in the court of law or I never violated the law.  It was Mr.

Cabrera who did trespassed my property and who did pushed me and forced entran

Ce on it as I asked him not only through the phone, but as he was there not to co-

Me to my house and to let me think about our broken relation as I discovered him

Living with my ex-sister-in-law in my home and using my own bed.  I know that

CA court do not care about that just to abuse people like me to that extend, but bo-

Ttom line I was totally ignored and penalized for what he did since 2005 through

2008 and even now.  You perhaps remember the first hearing which you continue

Because Child Protective Services involvement, but as you did continue it, neither

You, nor CPS or San Mateo Police Department ever told me the reason why they

Gave my baby to the man I accused not only through all of you, but even the 100

Members of Congress and District Attorney’s Office of molesting not only baby,

And me, but also reported by two of my nieces prior to it.  I lost all of my proper-

Ties because since I discovered the used of witchcraft and technology against the

Forced poor and the fatherless in this country.  The used of Computer knowledge

As mind and body is just the soul’s home.  I told you about all the abuses perfor-

Med by the 6th floor Counselor’s Office and you did ignored absolutely everything

And even my request to retrieve my antique valuable piece from WWI: the rifle, I

Turned in to comply with the law thru SMPD.  Do you remember, the motion I fi-

Led outlining all your abuses, the one was removed as you from my case.  My ba-

 By was sent home raped as I reported to you.   Sheriff Office did not served me

The TRO as they “tried” three times and never left me a note as Mr. Cabrera’s

Friend did.  I did not know then how easy would be for you to put me in jail if

After hearing my older son and seeing my child terrified and with his ass all red

I would jumped and go through the man I accused several times through many of

You.  It took me many years to get the denial of my nullity of marriage as I respon

Ded to Mr. Cabrera request for divorce and Honor Jakubowski as you discrimina-

Ted against me and tried several times with many people to set me up for a proba-

Te.  She as you continue many times the Status Conference and ended up never

Held, but finally granted Mr. Cabrera request as they knew I was loosing all my

Properties and through Federal Court in San Francisco denied my Due Process

Right to accuse you, Jakubowski and now Honor MC Kenna who had done no

Less and who totally ignored a Notarized Testimony against Mr. Cabrera as I told

By my “legal forced family and sister” that they offered a room to Mr. Cabrera be-

Cause the place where he was renting did not like to hear baby crying for hours

And he ended up taking him to a park to let him cry and cry until it was sleepy

And he was taking him to the room which I saw one time all messy with just one

Bed on the floor and no less later in my nephew’s house, the room rented for Mr.

Cabrera and as my “sister told me” she was sorrow many times and was washing

The blankets for baby to be sleeping.  Baby is always kept dirty and filthy.  Majo- 

Rity of the time his hair is long and as I visited with them after you signed without

A hearing the Ex-Parte Submitted by Richard Joliffe who wrote he saw the lights

At my house on, but could not find me and for a year I was not allowed to see or

Be with my baby just because I discovered the worse crime done by people like

You using theUnited Statesgovernment system for the best interest of wicked

People.  The ones alienating the constitution, and the rights and freedoms of the

People that are not belong to this crime organized group using our country.  Many

Are the honors who had participated: Honor Scott, granted my 1864 Cottage Gro-

Ve Avenue,San Mateo,CA94401as I reported to B of A many times not recei-

Ving my 1099; they acknowledged and supposedly corrected, but sold a ghost ho-

Me to a CA Corporation and with John Zanghi decided not to take Oracle or 1164,

1264, 1364 or so, but 1864, my home just because I am serving The Lord, Eloi

Yahweh, not Jehovah and because I am publicly accusing all of you.  There is

About $ 40,000.00, but I had never received it.  I WANT MY HOME BACK,


RAPER. MyBelmontproperty the one that back in 2005 was having perhaps a

$ 2,000,000.00 dollars was UNDERSOLD FOR ABOUT $ 600.000 to Ershi Gu et

All and believe it or not they split my equity with my older son even though he

Was removed from title before it or at least that was our agreement and what I as-

Ked to the Title Co., but believe not the only ‘FORCED ERROR” YOU SHOULD


 PAY TAXES: They changed the ownership basis of the property without telling

Us, but worse of all, the error was purposely created just to make us to sign the

New with the change they did want at the City Hall where Slocum, the one who

Won the place as the lights were out through the elections.   The one who also

Allowed many changes and added a page in my1864 Cottage Grove co-

Rrect the error I reported several times to B of A and they never changed.  There

 Is about $ 250,000.00 VS. $ 500,000.00, but I WANT MY $ 2,000.000.00 home

This lost its value, but that something else I will claim. I had about $ 50,000.00

Debt, but right now is about $ 80,000.00 because my El Camino Car was vandali-





OTHERS AS MANY TIMES I TOLD YOU.  I have a Toyota Truck which I tried

To sell until I realized that even though as they were vandalizing I spent majority

Of my FAFSA.  Government and wicked people managed to crank my transmi-

Ssion and is about to burn.  No smog will ever be printed for me to be able to sell

And the law said, I need to provide one, so it has no value.  I really need to have

This Fee waiver approved for sure I am not outlining all the issues in my cases and

Properties which I am publicly claiming and trying to get approved by the people

To be appeal against government, but my baby, the one you took for no reason is

Being abused, his life had been threaten many times as I even told Honor Jaku-

Bowski back in 2007 and now Honor MC Kenna who like you DENIED THE



AN EX-PARTE.  Attached copy of the attachment of that motion in which I told

Several times as I have been recording my child life in danger, but because I am

Making public your abuses of authorities and discretions; the used of witchcraft

By the law representatives as described above: the knowledge of computers, the

Knowledge of old Latin, Greeks words against the poor who do not know that 

Their mind and body is just the soul’s home as described in the Holy Bible.

I swear under penalty of CA perjury laws and under God’s laws that the statements

Above are true and nothing else than the true.  They had been established several

Times though my 26-30 cases which include 3 Federal Suit Cross Complaint in

Which my Due Process was denied and out of 200-300 lawyers, not one did know

How to do so and as you may remember I told you, I paid $ 35.00 I consulted with

Mr. Joliffe and he ended up being the lawyer of Mr. Cabrera.  Signing this docu-

Ment in the City andCountyofSan Mateoat the Public Library at 2:50 p.m. on

June 14, 2012 nine days prior the seven years of my child worse abuses and raped

Suffered since he was two-in-half with the participation of many “law representati-

Ves” as described in many of my motions, police reports, schools and CPS, but

Reminding Honor Greenberg the second TRO she granted against me and she

Did have to dismiss because I did not even know where my older son was retained

InSalinasas they in combination of SMPD and Michael Haywood-Keller William

Denied my right to use my private property located at1552-4 Lago Streetin San 

Mateo,California, but my baby’s life or my family life it is not important!  Instead

Even police is participating in the religious persecution that as millions others I am

Suffering worse than them because I am serving the only God, Eloi Yahweh!  I am

Not attaching copy of the police report and the Citizen complaint I recently submit

Ted, but I filed through the motion schedule on 6/20/12 on my Family case No.

085609, the one you forced as Domestic Violence as the only case ever filed back

 In 2004 was rejected as I discovered how Plaintiff and SMPD forced me to try to

Stop him from trespassing MY PROPERTY as established in Transmutation Mari-

Tal Agreement you also ignored imposed restriction on all of my properties.  I am

Not mentioning how the Sale Pending of 1552-4 Lago ended after you granted the

Domestic Violence Case for no reason, the one you dismissed because I did not

Even know my son’s address inSalinasas Michael Haywood and SMPD denied

Rights on the property because due to the religious persecution I am suffering I

Transferred my 20% ownership and ended up being undersold for $ 500 or so Vs

 The $ 1,100,000. – Which was higher back in 2005!  Honor Greenberg with all my

Respect I just established the facts for you to know that the forced left assets I had

 Not received they because I feel are abuse of authorities and discretions.  Denial

Of due process, First Amendment, among many others.///

Estrella Benavides.///

Not attached-on hand RWC Police Chief Letter andVictimCenter– Hong or Josie

Furtado letter of recent assault suffered by me as I received several threats against

My baby JAC-B.///     TOTAL OF PAGES: _______


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