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Begging for Help and Protection: Support a Public Accusation against Government

on June 15, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012


 This is what I am sending to the Attorney General, the District Attorney, Redwood City Police Chief and Victim Center.  Begging for Help and protection accusing not only Bush, but Obama’s Administration to be trying to kill me because I discovered the alienation of the Constititution and our First Amendment.  My due process had been denied, but they do not have jurisdiction since I am accusing them publicly for the last seven years at least.

Kamala D. Harris -Attorney General’s Office

CA Dept. of Justice

Attn.: Public Inquiry

P. O. Box9444255



Stephen M. Wagstaffe

400 CountyCenter3rd Floor

Redwood city,CA94063


J.R. Gamez

Chief Police ofRedwood City

1301 Maple St.Redwood City, Ca 94062


Mr. Hong


VictimCenteratRedwood City

400 County Center, 3rd Floor

Redwood city,CA94063                                            Attn.: Josie Furtado

                                                                                    Victim Advocate

Hi to all:


This is what I read on the cabinet furniture of the 3rd floor of theVictimCenter and I understand that is the ‘LAW ENFORCEMENT CODE OF ETHICS (1957 Conference of International Association Chief of Police)’ in short:

“I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all; maintain courageous calm in the face of danger, scorn or ridicule; develop self-restraint; and be constantly mindful of the welfare of others. Honest in thought and deed in both my personal and official life.  I will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations of my department.

. . . To respect the Constitutional rights of all men to liberty, equality and justice.”

This is what I do believe as millions others inAmericathat believe that the Constitution of this country is the “Law of the Land.”  Several times and for years I had tried first throughout the legal system to enforce my rights and freedoms which had been alienated not only by “the law representatives” who had been discriminating, bending, altering laws and abusing authorities for the well of just wicked people as they are part of the crime organized using this country and are not representing this country or the people as a whole. 


Witchcraft as I discovered is the knowledge of computers as humans are one of the most advanced or closed to perfect of one.  Mind and body is just the soul’s home as written in the Holy Bible. For the best interest of this little group of people who believes they are specials or above anyone else they are using and destroying the poor and fatherless.  They are discriminating, alienating rights and freedoms and throughout their knowledge and privileged given by government they are tossing, forcing and destroying the poor to commit crimes using their mind and body to do so.  They are forcing them to prostitute, to use drugs and then they are condemning them knowing so, but in my case got worse as they could not hide their tricks and others abuses used throughout to set me up.

I wrote twice to Alberto Gonzalez, Attorney General in times of Bush’s Administration.  I filed three times a Federal Suit Cross Complaint and it was dismissed and they even hold the third package filed, as I asked for it back they retained it so you may look for it.  My name is as written and I am sure you will find them if you look for it.  You might find many errors because one of them was dismissed under a different (fourth number) just to make me believe so.  All of them were dismissed by the same “Honor” Marilyn Hall Patel who denied my forced poverty to do so because I was accusing Bush’s Administration of the September 11 among many other things.


Not knowing I filed through them, but they dismissed it.  Certainly, not one of government member had jurisdiction as I am accusing them not only through my many filed cases, but publicly as they in retaliation took my baby legal and physical custody to abused, raped him to intimidate me.  You tried to stop me from keep on making public the worse crime ever against humanity, done by the “Law Representatives.”  God gave us choices, but for you to be judging and representing the people, you must give them up as written above not by me, but as your Code of Ethics.


I am publicly denouncing your crime and you’re locked of jurisdiction.  I will list in short what many of the honors atRedwood City, South City Court of California as through the Federal Court inSan Francisco.

Court of San Francisco: Stamped my filed as an Efile to try to dismiss it, but certainly I did file physically there my case.  Honor: Marilyn Hall Patel unfiled one of the many documents I filed contesting her denial of my poor poverty.  I lost all my properties through force foreclosure on me.  I was homeless because of it.

Honor Greenberg: “Could do in her court room as she pleases.” Imposed me a TRO even though I had never been found guilty in the Court of Law!   Greenberg as Sheriff Department, CPS and SMPD participated in the raped of my child with the whole intention to set me up to go and violate the TRO not served, but documents were signed by baby’s dad friend who left two pieces of paper informing me about the Restraining Order (even though at that time, I did not have a clue of what it was!)

Honor Scott: knowing that they held me at Office Depot inSan Carlosthrough the use of witchcraft told me that it was very bad I did not have a lawyer representing me and granted1864 Cottage Grove Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401 VS 1064 Cottage Grove Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401 ( See details of case throughout files).  I appealed case, but no common sense make sense for the abuses and bending of the laws as they even altered records at the City Records: 22 pages came out of 21 I signed at title company.

Honor Weiner: Apologized because John Zanghi filed and unfiled documents and they did not list my motion filed and scheduled.  She also heard me to say many times what I am telling you now, but tried to clean one of the title companies’ abuses for the sake of their wicked members.  She authorized me to file on the spot the document that B of A was going to give me, but at the hearing she also allowed them to try to serve me their motions as I was In Pro Per representing myself not because I do know what I am doing but because I tried to hire and I called more than 200-300 and not one knew how to federal suit cross complaint my forced many issues.  I asked for the money left three times and they refused to give it to me because they tried to force me to release them:

Waiver of California Civil Code $:  The TRUSTORS understand that this a a full and final general release covering all known and unknown and unanticipated injuries, claims or damages.  EXCEPT ANY OF THE ONES ESTRELLA BENAVIES TRIED TO MAKE PUBLIC THROUGH THE CASES FILED BY HER OR AGAINST HER AT THE FEDERAL OR STATE LEVEL.  For that reason the TRUSTORS waive any and all rights or benefits which they may have under the terms of California Civil Code $1542, and the  TRUSTORS acknowledge that they have read and understand $ 1542 of the California Civil Code which states:


A general release do not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time  of executing the release, which if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor.


            Notwithstanding California Civil Code 1542, the TRUSTORS agree that this Agreement shall be a release of all claims with the exemption of the if described above in the cases mentioned above; any other whether such claims are currently known, unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, contingent or absolute, and the TRUSTORS assume full responsibility for any injuries, damages losses or liability that they may hereafter incur with the exemption established above.

Honor Quentin Kopp was the second or third judge in which my jury trial for theBelmontproperty was transferred toSouthCity.  The first one dismissed it because many cases will come out against corporation as I discovered how they set up many people to lose their saving.  He as Honor Weiner, but not exactly: he did tell to Jeffrey Chen where to go and how to submit a motion to request the dismissal of my granted jury trial.  Whatever he found on the District Attorney Office Library I was not allowed to search to oppose.  He did not comply with the court rules and not only that they again used witchcraft to under stress invaded me and forced me not to hear as the sheriff just turned my arm and break it in three places.



In regards to Redwood City Police Chief, I am informing you that on 6/5/12 I filed R12-06-0075 and a Citizen Complaint that in short said: ” I’ve been suffering discrimination.  Police had been denying protection.  Today, I am having a bruise right eye and no one ever hear my accusations or complaints.  Instead my baby legal and physical custody was taken . . . The court of RWC and CA as the Federal Court had been denying my due process as many other basis amendments rights that as citizen of this country I do have base on the law of the land.  The Constitution of the United States.” And I am begging you to see the Redwood City Police report I made of what happened not only on 6/2/12 at the corner ofWhipple/Veterans Blvd.  Many times people were chasing me and abusing me and one of them even tried to give me his phone for me to call you as he was saying they are my pals, my friends and pointed one of the police cars turning as he was doing that, but no less in another day when I yield three times “HELP, HELP, HELP.” AND THE POLICE CAR ACROSS THE STREET JUST TURNED LEFT ON WHIPPLE AND DID NOT CARE FOR MY SAFETY.


To Mr. Hong, I am telling you, Ms. Furtado told me she was busy and alone.  Certainly, she provided me with a lot of information on the program and the way I could appeal it, but not exactly on my case.  She did ask me to come back.  At Redwood City Police as I went for the second time on 6/5/12 to file my Citizen Complaint which is not the first one: years ago, I did in San Francisco; and I also complete the report on the incident because the report was printed by the Watch Commander who told me that the officer said that he went to the corner.  Certainly many police cars were going back and forth, but not one ever came to ask me or to assist me.  One did what was done on 6/9/12: “A police car stop near the curve where I was standing with my public accusation sign and used the speaker to tell me something; I did not understood and I asked What are you talking about? . . . He left hitting my sign with his car.  I called 9-1-1 again and I reported I felt threat.  One sergeant arrived and told me that “I called Lens Crafters” and I told them that someone did want to kill me.”  He and I verified that out of my phone no called was made to that place, but certainly I told him I was having a schedule appointment the next day because the Mexican who assaulted me hurt my right eye and I am having problems.


Mr. Hong denied my request which was not even filed.  Mr. Hong had a misunderstanding because I saw the clerk printing and reading a report at RWCPD station, but if anything his exact words were: “RWCPD did not filed a criminal case against my attacker and I did not meet the criteria to get a reimbursement for my glasses or the test.” TELL ME HOW I CAN FORCE THEM TO DO THEIR JOB. I AM DOING WHAT I CAN POSSIBLY CAN TO MAKE PUBLIC THEIR ABUSES, BENDING OF LAWS, ALIENATION OF THE CONSTITUTION NOT ONLY THROUGH THE POLICE, BUT EVEN THROUGH THE 100 AND LATER 107 MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND JUST ONE TOLD ME TO REFER TO MY STATE REPRESENTATIVE WHO MANY TIMES WAS BUSY, BUT WORSE HE DID NOT CARE ABOUT THE ALIENATION OF THE CONSTITUTION, THE RIGHTS OR FREEDOMS AND HE DID NOT MAKE SURE SOME ONE WHO COULD OR SHOULD AS WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE ONES WHO PAYS YOUR BILLS.


This is my first appeal for your denial Mr. Hong.




Estrella Benavides


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