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Very hard days: A Government Lie on Broadway/Maple: Redwood City is not the best weather city as written!

on June 13, 2012

For the last three weeks I will say: Redwood City is not the best weather city as sign posted between Broadway and Maple St in Redwood City.  Instead a peak hours the wind is terrible trying to put down my First amendment Public Accusation against government and monarchies using, destroying and robbing America.  I know was done with the train and traffic going by plus the 280 traffic in Belmont, right now I believe is work with the mind computer of wicked aside helped with the traffic not only on the 101 freeway as in any movie.

Since yesterday or the night before yesterday, I had been going and parking at Safeway which I put down in San Mateo.  Yesterday, the Courtesy Clerk, a Latina thought she was holding me from going to the court or to the corner of Whipple.  I thought to clean my van for quite sometime and I took advantage, but I hate what they do even against themselves not knowing or understanding the wacky ways of the only God, Eloi Yahweh not Jehovah.

I started getting upset with them as in Belmont they forced me to use their bathrooms to be denying my privacy as I was doing so and also as they put a magazine in regards Obama legal citizenship.  They show on first page a little tiny home in Kenya and a fake social security card with his name on it, but as I wrote a sign against the one trying to accuse or strike him: they cleaned up all the magazines posted and wicked stole my sign in which I said “It is ridiculous that now you are checking his citizenship and you did not do so prior he entered the White House or have access to all the America information. 

I had not seeing or talked to my baby since the week I filed my motion which I thought to make an Ex-Parte, but I was advised twice to file a Restraining Order which I modified after the facts because they did not have any relevant issue in which I could categorized the case, but April, the Second Floor Family Law facilitator did for me.  I felt uncomfortable, because my baby’s dad or me had never fought.  If he was upset for anything and happened in 10-13 years about 5 times if I recalled well.  He was going to the floor, not speaking and I was going behing begging him to go back to the bed and I was not going to bother him.  We never irrespect each other.  We never used any bad word to refer to each other or our relatives as I heard others, but yes as he did back in 2005: “He sent my baby home with my older son and told him to ask me to put Vaseline in his red back”  Aside the baby was terrified not allowing me to get his pampers or clothes off as I told several times to the court and I was always ignored. 

No less he did in 2006 after a Cuban went to my Lago property as I was painting my Red Honda and threaten me saying that: “Iif I did not stop doing so they were going to take baby to Mexico and they were going to kill him.” Out of no where as I was coming from Washington for the second time as I did in 2005. I called my son to ask him to get baby so I could see him and he said: “Joshua is going with his dad to Mexico.”  In Washington as I was driving around the Capital, a police Black woman stopped me and asked questions in regards my accusation.  Took some of the many thousands of papers I printed and told me to use a PA speaker to advertise.  She told me: ” it was no law in the use of it and it would be very helpful.”  Believe it or not prior I called my son the PA Speaker were FOR SALE as many other junks: I spent quite some money there for my children gifts which were stolen as I arrived and I was put under 51-50 in Daly City because of the used of the PA Speaker.  The place again told me it was legal and no regulations and installed it for me for $ 20.00 and I tip $ 10.00 because I felt it was great!  Crying, I used it from Las Vegas, LA and all the way here.  Until I was kicked from 101 north and sent out of the freeway and again as I did in the street near by where first I was told it was legal.  Then I was told South City has no law and I drove there and I was stopped near Kaiser.  Finally a Black Officer told me that it was too loud and under 50 Watts was ok.  a White Officer jointed us and I asked them help me to make sure I am under the 50 Watts if that is the problem and they told me that in Daly City was no law whatsoever, but again and there the Officer HEAR THE LOUD SPEAKER, BUT NEVER HEARD WHAT I WAS SAYING BECAUSE THE LAW SAID THAT THERE IS AN EXCEPTION IF LIFE IS THREATEN AND YOU FEEL IN DANGER AS MY CHILD LIFE WAS BECAUSE HIS DADDY WAS GOING TO TAKE HIM TO MEXICO AS THE CUBAN TOLD ME.  My car was towed immediately in a legal parking space for two hours about 4:00p.m. all my gifts were stolen and I ended up paying about $ 2,000.00 because at Mills Peninsula again I was not repsected: as in the Ambulance they forced treatment without a court order as I was refusing to have any.  They put me to sleep for two days and my feet were bruised and bloody and as they forced the shot the security and nurse tide me up and he did rubbed a pen in my face as I was not able to stop him and I got out for two days until my son told me why you had not call me in two days?

Yes, he did participate as he recently as I was threaten by another Mexican who goes by at Whipple saying: “He will fall this time and I have to witness the many people trying to force him to do so” and again prior to my file as I called on Saturday to arrange for Sunday visitation at BounzCity he was going to take baby to an old city as they threated me.

The court as usual, denied my concerns or ignored even written notarized testimonies against the father and denied protection for me, my baby and my family.  I was just allowed to file the motion and schedule a hearing on June 20, 2012, but baby’s dad told me baby did want to go to Modesto as he is vacation and his brother cannot provide supervision or drive the baby as he had been doing for the last year or so.  I had not been able to even talked to him.  I talked to the father two days ago when he was going to talk to him and and after I called Josie Furtado at the Victims Crime my phone was off again as usual and I could not called him.  My phone was charged all night and the alarmed went on, I woke up turned it off and I set up another for two hours.  My phone got off and out of battery charge.

At the court Honor Greenberg denied my fee waiver, I am appealing with her, but I just hope God will be in between: ” She was the one who could do anything in her  court room and imposed me a Temporary Restraining Order out of no where in 2005-8 and ignored my Transmutation Marital Agreement which put me on the street as I was not allowed to do much with it.

But as she did this time, the Federal Court did many times in 2007 and 2008 and denied the forced poverty.  I will prepared a motion even though it is not required.  You should see the Restraining Order she granted to my son as San Mateo Police denied my right on my Lago property.  I did not know where my son was living in Salinas or whatever, but she did granted the TRo against me.  Certainly she cancelled after all, but my rights were denied by Michael Haywood, Keller Williams and SMPD to stop me from writing in my Lago property.

Today, I went to the Victim Center with the referral that the RWCPD gave me as a victim of the Mexican Man who broke my glasses.  On Thursday Josie Furtado was alone and busy and just told me about the program and how many people can appeal because they are part of the Sacramento and so on and forth.  She also told me about an Officer to whom she could make arragements for me to talk to him.  I did not come on Monday because I did not have any receipts.  I came on Tuesday and today.  I called twice and never an answer or call back.  I went today and the clerk Starr told me that I should call and make an appointment and I told her.  I asked for an appointment on Thursday and she told me just to come; I had called twice and she never answer.  Would you please tell her I am here to make an appointment. 

Josie was busy; Christina was going to bring her appointment book to make one for me.  I believe it took me 30-45 minutes until I asked and finally Mr. Hong came out.  Very nusty in a green military uniform and told me that based on the documents he was having I do not qualify and they will not pay for nothing.  His exact words as I wrote them on front of him were: ” RWC Police did not filed a criminal case against my attcker and did not meet the criteria to get a reinsbursement for your glasses.” Josie talked to you and she did tell you.  I did say to him as finally he took me to the side  children room, I believe to talk to me: I have no copy of the documents which you are denying to me because they are for internal use.  I had not talked about my case exactly to Josie: she told me was busy and alone and she gave me a brief understanding of the way this work. 

He said, I do not qualify and I asked: How do you know when I had not presented my case at all?  He was very rude and negative and if this is the way a victim is help: this is discusting!  RWCPD was called not only on 6/2/12 through 9-1-1.  They never showed up even though I was told that in record the officer wrote he did come to help me or to take a report.  I know many police cars went by and one did as the one on 6/9/12 he went near the curve where I was standing and he did just left.

I am begging for help and for protection.  I had not seeing baby and I know they made him to call me to let me know they gave him $ 20.00 dollars and daddy does punish him.  He did as for the first time Kay Coddington – 6th floor Counselor interviewed him back in 2010 because he told her he does want to live with me.

Yesterday in the Daily Journal said: economy went back 18 years in Americas’ pocket and I will say no it is worse: middle class is being exterminated GDP was changed because of it even in the United States.  They are subsidizing WalMart and they do know they are killing the small business in America and they are not considering the downs in Loisiana and New Orleans with the disasters there aside the windy storms destroying the central of U. S. A. as the ones windy weather done in Redwood City lately. 

 Mind and body are computers and no better technology anyone can bring.  They are using and destroying it.  Our technology is years light advance and no human has the capacity to dream to have it.  HELP!


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