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I was able to do as I please, but I did not get my glasses yet!

on June 12, 2012

Supposedly, it was going to take two weeks to get it BC of color requested not available. I changed it to what they had in house and then my prescription was a detail and they could not be. I cancelled the issue, and still another issue. In short, I could not get them in an hour or so.
But you are not going to believe this: I got a full test and I paid for it $103.- dollars, but the assistant was asking me to sign a form saying I refused dilation of my eyes (?) and I asked why? I had not refusedcanything, I paid for full examination and I’m understanding you had done so. I’m not feeling well despite the foundings, but what else. She said: “sorry, I do not know why form was here (?) and behind form was a written hand note: repeat LV or LP. I wonder if my last test is being copy?
Oh well, I got my receipts. She was able to find the frame I asked two or three times and it was not found written by her. Last Thursday, I code them and on Sunday again, but believably or not: “I am sure, the problem is like something, I heard before: my second son was forced to sell his BMW on payment to someone else BC it was too much car for him!”
In short, we are forced to work hard, but we are restricted on certain things without telling us. Of course has to do with: “money bring money and they do not want that for all.”
I do nit think I told you. I used to have or my children used to have Tequila a beautiful female dog. She was sharp and cute, but she jumped 3-4 times the fence and I got tired of paying $80.- or so as penalty. I replaced my whole home carpet and out of no where the kids got hampers which ate the corner of room new carpet and someone gave them two dogs like German Sheppards, but black. They got to be big, strong and beautiful. Very smart.
I lost them BC San Mateo Police was called many times on them, but my Braziluan neighbors who used to have more dogs than I, kept yard filth not only with the feces, but did not pay for BFI and collected their garbage next to my home was never bother. I swear many times they were complaining that the dogs were barking, I could be there witness and testified the opposite and I ended up paying another $80.- bucks penalty. I finally, paid to fix their throats and they kept on bringing the issues until, I was forced to give them up. I brought them to YMCA in the morning, I tried to retrieved them in the afternoon and they were gone (?) Was I lucky?
I called daddy yesterday to know of baby and he does not know if I can see him soon or not, but BC I had tried to publicize government abuses I have no rights whatsoever and not BC I did not bend on whatever they please in the matter.
Begging for help, begging for protection. I swear, I saw him touching baby; I went several times to San Mateo City Hall meeting trying to figured out what to do, where to go and I was never advised. I wrote to 100 members of Congress back in 2005 and prior CPS and SMPD getting my baby away from me and giving him to that man. 4/18/05 was the date I sent my letter accusing him thru Congress and 6/25/05 was the day I accused him through SZmPD which rejected accusation no explanation given. Copy of my certified letter to all Congress people given to District Attorney’s Office as mentioning a prior incident happened at home in which two of my “nieces” accused him.
But the problem is: abuse of authorities and discretion. Do you want to know that CIC, the San Mateo Counsel committee denied my First Amendment in regards to my home big board without reading my argument BC it was too long and they did not have time, but I complied with time and procedure (?)


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