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Yesterday, Saturday, June 8,12; RWCPD went by to ask me If I called Lens Crafter to tell them that someone was trying to kill me (?)

on June 11, 2012

As I wrote yesterday, I was using wordpress when I heard the RWC Police speaker or man speaking to me. I did not understood him and I went to his open window in his car parked on front of me in the curve and I asked: “What are you talking about?” and he was eating as zipping from a to go drink and I could not understand him. He was rude and I turned around just to see him going next to my sign after saying that “someone was going to kill me.”
I finished writing my blog and I include what happened; I felt threat, abused and as I finished I rushed to call and report to 9-1-1. This time the sergeant got there. I put a complaint. The policeman parked in Samtrans parking lot and clarified that or asked me if I made a call to Lens Crafter to tell them that someone was teying to kill me. I responded: I have my phone here; I have an appointment tomorrow at 11:00am with De. Hsu, but I did not call or why should I call them to report something like that?
But now that you are telling me this and after what that policeman came to do: “I feel threat, those are not manners. That is not respect and what I feel is that the way he talked and went by my sign was rude.”
Today, I went to my appointment at 11:00am; the first on Dr Hsu according to the EE who made my appointment on Thursday, but I saw Dr Hsu taking care to someone else. Nevertheless, almost immediately I was taking care. I filled up again as I did back a year ago: the forms but this time I had done the whole thing even dilation of my eyes.
Believe it or no: I was lucky. I couldn’t find my broken glasses to get $200.- discount, but they were having a 30% off, but believe it or not: Lens Crafter computer system was broken and were giving a 50% off to everyone schedule today.
Now the problem is I had no received of anything and I asked forth paper BC for the first time I will claimed damaged thru the state and the lady forgot to give me a receipt as I asked. The glasses again were not possible to be done in an hour. I need to wait for two weeks, but I will take tomorrow what is available and my receipt.
But what it was funny, Dr. Hsu told me to go get my glasses and I left my phone and junk in his office and as I did and I went back to get that to put my make up the phone was ringing and he told me rang before and as I answered it was Lens Crafter and I said: I am here in Dr. Hsu office and I walked outside and the two men calling me were embarrassed.
Now, on Thursday they gave me an estimate for $312.16 plus $103.- the exam, but lucky me their co
Putters were down and I got 50% off vs 30% off or $200.- off w/ old broken glasses broken by the Mexican who hit me on 6/2/12 as I reported on 6/5/12. Now, do you feel funny as I when RWC police rude and abusive man went by my sign with a police car. Well, I do and you should see the eyes of a poor Latino who saw him, but I do know Eloi Yahweh will take care and tomorrow I will go bac


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