In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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I’m in my way to Pittsburg, at Whipple this afternoon

on June 11, 2012

This morning I just ignored a blonde who not caring for me, my family or millions others asked mevto not parked near her home BC children lives in her place. I ignored! I just paid my fees, higher BC I’m driving and parking in Bay not at San Diego mailing address!
Last night as I wrote missing to see my baby I was crying and no one stopped me or erase or cha GED it; I’m sure that was meant by them BC they dud not let me tell you about how I’m feeling and what I heard and saw: my right eye was bruised. Ibdo not know how it was hit, if with his foot or feast. I did not realized that my glasses were broken after a called and minutes standing with my sign. My eye had felt hot and burn g sensation. The upper lid, feels lazy, thick and heavy. My left eye, feeling stress and as the test was done I was not able to read not even with my glasses lower lines of letters. As the Dr. Assistant was making my test, she said: “your left eye might be trying to compensate”. Tell Dr. Hsu, he will tell you better. He did say it was better right eye 3% compared to a year ago, but I’m not feeling that way. Yesterday after the drops for dilation. I felt better, but not so today.
Back in 2008, my right arm was broken by deputy Pascual O. Jr. And was never cast not eve. After I was released feeling bad, but I’m sure the reason is BC they do not want evidences and they do not care. I’m begging for help! begging for protection and accusing government of worse crime ever: mind and body best technology ever and is just the soul’s home. No 4G phone can be faster or better; they are using our mind to do so.


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