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Threaten many times, but CA court denied protection for me, baby and rest of my family!

on June 9, 2012

My phone back and forth, about 5pm It was full charge without me doing anything. Last might I plugged in and in theorning was not working and saying low battery, and out of no where my older son called at rush time(?).
I’m not sure if my 100 blog had been post, but look like it; this morning I went to the library in San Mateo BC the phone wasn’t working, but as I tried to publish it, the computer went idle and I called librarian as I did it went away! I couldn’t log out and then people go and make changes.
I called baby, but for the second week dad told me I couldn’t see him this weekend. He said baby did want to go to Modesto and he will stay there. I asked if I could see him there and if his uncle could bring him to a place and he said “no.” I hate wicked government and I hate this abuser of babies and me. I do know what I had done to deserve this, but I just hope these people will get it back with high rate and equity as they do love!
I this people are trying to hold me as this morning until 9am in the car, but I will be there early tomorrow.
Again I am crying and praying to God: my older son called to tell me my granndaughter is going to Salinas. He has two cars: El Camino and the Mustang “broken or I should say vandalized” baby in Modesto where I told “Honor MC Kenna” I testified his uncle and wife were abusing him last time, but she did not care even though she knows as every body else in RWC Court.
My second son not answering. What a life isn’t it?


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