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On 6/5/12 as I done in 2007 in San Francisco, CA and through the Attorney General twice as back then now is not deserving an investigation

on June 9, 2012

This time just a page long: in short, on 6/2/12 a white male told me to go from his city: “RWC,” a police car was waiting fir light going west on Veterans Blvd; the man threaten me and yield at me. I begged three times on front of the police car which ignored me, turned and left as I yield, ran from the man who was theeaten me. The same man returned next day and sat with a brown dog to work on me using the knowledge of computers, witchcraft as I discovered. After a while he left again and later comeback. This was not written, but he went to my truck as many others do and wrote something and left and came back to the corner where having mo choice I had been enforcing my First Amendment BC through the court system of CA as through the Federal court in San Francisco my Due Process had been denied. The man insulted me again as first time and tried to tell me to use his phone to call the police on him and infact he pointed that there it was one as on 6/2 waiting for the light, but he was adding that they were his pals, his friends.
The fake beggars used to take people’s attention again using witchcraft or the used of knowledge of computers yield publicly from across street offending me three times (I used to stand on that corner, but twice last year he did what this other man was doing and even though is illegal to do so, sometimes more than four get there to control the situation) certainly, I was pushed out of the corner and set ip at the other side BC the sun do not let people coming from freeway and going west to see or read as if I was at the other side. They do have o e working attention and mind on Veterans and another on Whipple and many going even crossing “illegal across Whipple from Samtrans parking lot doing the same using witchcraft to invade my soul’s body) Many times police had seen groups of 3-6 people sto


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