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Again not allowed to sleep

on June 9, 2012

Every single day are not allowed to sleep and as 1000’s or 1,000,000’s for Ed to eat the junk that forced us fat or to wear the clothes that is deforming the bodies of our babies just for few to look thing and beautiful. This dtupids ignorance believe that they can make it without God in his kingdom a d that they will forced him to take as they please only what is available.
Stop. Don’t you get that God is the one who is and is the one who create this world for our soul to dream and have fun. Please I’m begging to those who believe in him to help me out to straight his kingdom as he please not as few wicked want.
A young woman went by & said: “I’m sick of it” I’m too sick and tied of the abuses of authorities and discretions; sick and tired of the lack of justice; sick and tires if all the robbery performed by government;I’m sickand tired of all the ones killed after they had try tomake a have abetted Anerica BC of all their used of this country: the Amwricans are hate and when this country is down we will stinks as the Jews! You or we better do something one police car with one of them1) used his speaker and told me that I’m saying they’re trying to kill me and as I asked he said: I do not want to know and went with the police car running the curve and hitting my signs!


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