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I’m at SMateo Library and you should see the smart one making the draft forced saved longer so I cannot edit and post as I wish!

on June 8, 2012

I can barely see where I am trrying yo etiyr. He divided the page in a way in which I can just write without even seeing what I am writing, but here I am going.  Today, I will teach you some of the tricks play by wicked.  Believe or not they are very kind.  Amaizingly kind.  Of course I posted yesterday that my second son is driving and voluntering for an organization, but I did too for Readers Partners in RWC and believe or not I did not even say I cannot keep helping you because a silent says more than a thousand words.   My son is in the middle of no where, where they are trying to kill him, but “Honor MC Kenna denied protection not only for baby yesterday, but for me, and my whole family as I filed the motion not only against my baby’s dad, but government and wicked people.  The ones who are kicking me from everywhere.  The ones who yields at me “go home” not realizing that they put me on the street and I am at home.

 Twice I went to help a kids.  The first time a lady tried to make me sleepy and I gave it back to her so she transferred it to the girls and she told us that she was tired.  The second time was John who was playing with his computer and worked my mind.  I did struggle for days as I was trying to study for my final test.  Aside many were coiling my lights and trespassing my van to do so.

Yesterday and today, two women were having some medical tape in their hand and shoulder.  One told me was carpol tunnel and the other one an oriental at 24 hours fitness and both were trying to suggesting or made me feel compassion for them for my soul to carry their junk.  Oh God, good, but my other side it is not.  I will not carry that junk for him.  I am his servant.  So I signed that for them to keep and have so they will learn a lesson.  Another tried to harm my face and no less and what many are not realizing is that I am serving the one who is and what you are giving him is not nice and he got there.  Upset!  He said to a black man talking on the phone as I passed by him: “Chuck is busy, someone hit my baby’s face and I will straight that up and I don’t care because the market will crashed, they deserved it!”  An old woman cough, cough and was trying to hurt my eyes, but no less.

Worse of all, they even used a poor retarded girl at CSM who was forced to have a rash or so all over her body, but if I am telling you that two women tried to make my soul to feel and carry their suffering what do you think the students body at CSM done when they were giving food for free?

Today, I woke up and my Toyota the 1996 who was vandalized between my insurance company, the towing Co. guy who cranked it many times as the mechanic told: ” Good thing you did not crank the truck because that made the transmission to get burn”  I had heard it many times almost going and it is the reason why I removed the For Sale sign I posted at the beginning because I do know that even though I was forced to spend a lot on new radiator, new battery $ 140.00 as another mechanic told I pay only $ 30.- or $ 40.- for one of those not what they charged me on the El Camino after they just moved and forced me to change the post on it.

I do have to go back to court on 6/20/2012 “Honor MC Kenna approved the file of the motion forced on me by many, especially the sucker who stayed at the Whipple/Veterans Blvd. hotel and goes back and forth as many others to buy food and alcohol for my soul to go with him.  Yes they are the ones who keep me writing even right now just to take the time I can spend much worth at the corner where even though the sweeper RED truck that goes back and forth working your mind is not able to catch up enough.  The wall in Oakland freeway or the ones near Belmont have a goal.  Colors set up in moods! 

Endless to say about witchcraft, but I will recommend to you to search the 1996 “Cristina Show through Univision” where wicked were trying to make people afraid of them and where believing in the only God, I said: you cannot do anything to me because God is in between.  You believe in your soul, your own God, because he is One, but divided throughout us.  No one can do to you.  Not always is straight and perfect because we are not able to see the whole picture, but he gets where he please and want on time.  Absolutely everything has its own time.  Read the Holy Bible which I do not know so well, but there is everything written.  Support Public Accusation against government who discovered long ago that:

“WITCHCRAFT IS JUST KNOWLEDGE OF COMPUTERS”  for our physical body (soul’s home) to be, do or believe.  Main three races: China, Africa, England are using the Media: TV, Radio, Web .  .  . to suggest to 100; 100,000; 1,000,000’s to kill; to change climate, to destroy the America Dream or the Americans Dreams which is share by millions if not trillions thoughout this world.  Begging for help.  Begging for support and protection.  Two women, one scribble in my Toyota graffitti as she removed part of the letters in my truck to not allowed you to figure about the worse crime ever against humanity where 100; 100,000; 1,000,000’s are worked or suggested with illness like HIV, Cancer, AIDS even babies. 

I am publicly accusing Obama, Honors among many others if anything happens to me, my baby or any other of my children and my granddaughter.  Honor MC Kenna denied my request for protection.  Redwood City police had not send and investigator and based on the Census 2000 we do have -17% of population between the years 1980 and 2000, by now I am sure the number is higher and through witchcraft they had been forcing, wasting our younger generation to give up their talents, their knowledges, their lifes for older farts to be living longer, but not because it is good for them, but because that is a way to have a new money way to get their money as they ended up in retirements homes or so.


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