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I’m RWC court to know If Honor MC Kenna approved the filing of DVC recomended; I thought x-Parte

on June 6, 2012

I’m very concern about my baby’s safety and life as in 2006 shen his father took him to Mexico after I was threat by a Cuban at my Lago property.
This time two or three times even Mexicans had threaten me. First with him falling in the skating club and daddy’s took him and baby told me as my phone suddenly was allowed to work. Baby told me: “mom I’m at the skate club? But is very busy”; the after called baby said: “mom, I felt a lot.”
Immediately, I made a sign at the corner of Whipple/Veterans trying to make people know. Next day his father took him to the skate park in San Jose, but BC I made a sign saying that the night before as I heard him after the threat, I just prayed BC if he did want to be the best he should learn how to land.
Believe it or not as I called him after the park, he said: “mom, I did not felt, but I’m hurting of landing hard.”
This is not the first time, I got a threat prior and his father sent him to Modesto not caring for me, but all rights are on him and up to his discretion. Afraid, I called older son without telling him and I convinced him to go with me pick him up. The place was dark, it was about 8pm. It took me a while for them to answer me. His uncles were there w/ him. He was sleepy or watching TV, he could not tell me, but what I discovered is that witchcraft is the knowledge of computers for your physical body to do, be or believe and if added to it dirty conditions or imperfects conditions made easy for anyone to invade your soul’s home and my baby is kept dirty and filth! What were they doing?
In fact this is my accusation against College of San Mateo whose Many Professirs helped wicked to steal from the ones that do not know their talents or simply not let them to get ahead. They just used our tuition to get a better living standard and to lower cost. Only 20% are graduating and FAFSA even charge us back if we failure. 670,000 just in CA dropped from college as posted in their union.
I know terrible, how our government is participating denying to majority whites education not because of other poor races, but BC with the English they would catch the big secret as I did BC Eloi commanded me.
I know, I had told you about my double citizenship, but never explained it. Many wicked conceived children not accepted by their religious belief and use us as animals. Majority are send out of America and later in life brought back: no friends, no English, so it is easy for them to destroy us. Put us in jails, hospitals or simply make us to believe in illness: cancer, HIVor AIDS to kill us and slave our soul who keeps going alive, but without a physical ID, but they are so good like my legal “forced family” who celebrate my nephew’s B-Day in his dead anniversary, but mybsby was cutting the cake. In short, guess whose body was used?, but not it, my nephew is “legally dead, but in memory of keep them gaving a place to visit and people “who loves them and slaves them for their best interst”!


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