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on June 5, 2012

I hope people will use the info for the best. I am just The Lord and the Americans people’s servant. For hundreds of years Chinese, Africans, and England monarchies and cast had use it to force us to do, be or believe through the media. Yes, the one the Americans pay well not only with money, but acknowledgement of their jobs not to say other thing.
Today, 6/4/12 a regular for years summer day was made through suggestion a rainy day in Redwood City and as I went to San Jose, the sunny and bright day was shadow with some water sprinkles, but my thick head cover was not wet. You should hear to a black and a white wicked women at 24 hours trying to put that in my mind. Aside a windy, hot or cold weather. I almost made it to snow, but no white balls. Instead sulfur charcoal, not kidding.
100; 100,000; 1,000,000’s are dying in Africa w/ no water or food for other countries and very few people to be. We do have one Bill Gate not 100’s. 1,000,000’s are dying with cancer and AIDS even little babies especially at St. Jude Hospital.
Click through the Internet, flip the pages and if they suggested a rainy day tomorrow: click and make it a sunny day; a sign posted on 101 at Whipple exit said: “Take control of the weather” was change for Walmart huge data base spinning my $ 1,008.00 billions subsidy which is not being given to the tiny really in need dying local business. No instead the subsidy whole purpose is it. Go check the video and hear the crying of many American middle class people who used to own little business.
No the maquiladoras were installed in Mexico, but not for the sake of the poor Mexican, but for the exploitation of the poor because the union workers of American are asking for too much and poor little corporations just want more to expand.
My baby still alive, yesterday his father did not take him to the old town where they were going to kill him as another Cuban threten last week as another did in 2006. His father told him they were not going after all because those people did not like skaters, but it was because mom was protected and held steel no matter the three high kicks a Mexican threw on her. Not knowing how to fight and not having no one, not even RWC police who never came as she called at 4:57pm to report. She grabbed her many keys cord and closed her hand trying to stop him, but he hit her face and broke her eyeglasses. She is bruised, but want to thank God who gave her the courage and thank you Americans for being around. I have no words.
Obama is not only lying with the unemployment recess numbers as publicly known; I also read that his wife divorce papers confirmed that he was born in Africa. This double Americans lady who many like to call her whatever is begging you wicked or non-wicked to defend America, but with what for years the Americans had been known: rights, freedoms and democracy. Support public accusation against government which in their majority are having contractors as Shawn told me about San Mateo city, but all pay by the people.
Begging for help, begging for protection. I am on the street because Ershi Gu et all worked with “Honor Quentin Kopp to dismissed my last property jury trial dismissed for the third time thr same way, not only by CA court system, but by the federal as Iaccused Bush through my three filed cases dismissed by “Honor” Hall Patel C 1732 MHP if I remember first case well. The others number even changed to play tricks and to abuse authorities and discretions.
Humans do have choices, but to be judging and condemning our law representatives must give them up to be examples and this people are cleaning their back not only with our rights and freedoms, but our Constitution. Help!


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