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Many times I had try to beg you for help

on June 3, 2012

Today, Saturday, June 2, 12 a mexican hit my face and brome my glasses. I calles 9-1-1 and no one ever show up as they told me. It’s not the First time, two says ago anotare white threaten me on front of the police: I begged for help, yieldes and ran from him; police just turn on Whipple. The same man came and told me to get his phone and call the police: they were his pala. He pointer them and said: “there is one call them, they are my friends.
Today a cuban said: “I burned my 5th life” several signs I had wrote telling publicly that my baby’s life is in danger and I had publicly accusing not only “Honor” MC Kenna who ignored a notarized testimony against the father and who order me to pre-approved any motion before I can file it. Three times I had wrote publicly that they are trying to kill him as based on the 2000 census and as it is written in Diana Kendall we were having fro 1980 till year 2000 a minus 17 percent of population. Reason is BC our non-wicked children soul’s are being robbed as wicked abused and killed them with the participation of government people, who are using even our court system to “legally ia
Dilate the babies to abuse and destroy them” begging for help, begging for protection: no police arrived to look for the man who hit me and baby’s dad is taking him tomorrow and since U have no rights just BC I had been tryi g to make public the alienation of our rights, freedoms and the constitution of this country they took hi. Away and are trying to kill us.


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