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How many bruises wicked made on baby on 5/31/12

on June 3, 2012

My phone was forced down, but they allowed me to talk to baby on that day, mom he said: “The place is very busy” I knew they were going to try again to killed him. Adults using their children soul to made him to land, or fall wrongfully. On 6/1/12 baby said: “Mom, I felt many times” 6/2 his father told me: ” I couldn’t see him BC he is going away”
Last time in court I was kicked out! I have no rights and as I had exhaustas my “rights” I had been abused. In 2008 I believe he was sent with his feet all marks: photos are in one of the videos posted, but just the three in which they curses on the red scarf for you not to reactiva are been allowed publicly not so the other three.
Hateara police made me repeating my accusation and concerns three times BC they were trying to force me to accuse him: “harassing him” and their photos did not show What mine catch.
The police went through my documents and as I complaints and asked her to stop: “She said, they wee abandoned and she was afraid”; she forgot she told my son and I to seat there, but asked me to back off or else she was going to hit me; today my face is bruised and swallon because of someone else who had more privileges than me, despitey citizenship.
Begging for help, even Bush as he came to California abused and made my baby felt, in company of our governor years ago. Arnold was busy to hear my beg, but was not so as Bush came to show me his power.
They sent baby with a huge forehead bump. If you cannot help us: kill us at once, but do it publicly. I will not abandon my children, I have been standing for the last 5-6 years publicly


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