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I had a $2.- Garage Sale, but I sold only $2.- throughout the day

on May 30, 2012

Someone parked big truck & coveraged my sign, and I think was purposely done. I believe I had been totalltwrong in my beliefs in regards people; as Iamwriting and holding my sign at Whipple, an oriental stood up at the corner, walked toward me and it was reading what I was writing. I said: “excuseme”; he kept on going but my hand is getting numb as for the last two weeks, but Eloi takes care as usual.
Over the weekend I ran out of money. FAFSA’ll not provide for summer, so, Iwill take the units to try to finish what I planned w/ counselor and I will ask for the certificates, I worked hard for.
I spent all afternoon and I just sold $2.- people did not even stop; I better learn, I see one and I get crazy, but lately, I realized that they are just forcing their junk on me.
I went to San Jose and stop to see. I asked for a kitty wheel carrier. She did not know the price as I asked then they told me someone else bought it and suddenly was behind the table. I put down other junk I did like and left. This weekend I went around trying to find a place to ask if I could sale my junk. The lady was not ready, but nicely insisted and let me in. Everything was a mess. I put some stuff together and she took part away, but made me my money even in old magazines.
The shoes were not sold, a clock was not sold and some pants, bit the good thing is I did not spent my gas money! Aside I got to the conclusion that people is forcing them on me.


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