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My older children are very sweet and nice! God bless me w/a good family all are nice

on May 28, 2012

In 2008, i was release from Santa Clara jail three days early. Instead of Mon or Tues, I got release on Friday. By the time I got out it was very late. As I arrived from Sta. Clara to RWC MC Guire, a sheriff took my copy of documents, I server to the Director back in Santa Clara and they were never given back.
My family were allowed to see me almost by the time, I was released. I was not allowed to represent myself. It took me a week or so to be seen in a hospital. The doctor was stop as she tried to cast my hand. I was lucky they let me keep the strap & hand holder. For the whole time I was put on drugs, changed two or three times against my will & as I was released jogging was given to help me out. The health people in RWC could not believe the doses given & my body shaked & struggle for months. I am not sure If it was this time when my money disappeared. I do believe my son came to pick me up or else I ended up walking First to Safeway where many seat & some were sleeping there in the coffee area until I got there & the maximum time was enforced. Many got a bus card, but I did not, so I walked to Denny’s & not knowing what to do at First, I slept under tiny trees. About 3-4am it was freezing & I stayed at Denny’s.
I went home in Belmont & as I could, I wrote an Ex-Parte. I made calls to inform Ershi Gu et all lawyer & I served papers on Monday. The hearing was held by the Presiding judge. Their lawyer was not with them. Lance Bayer made them to swear, they were not going to try to collect any other claims & they all did as they denied
Y motion. In fact, I’m sure this was the reason I was release early or else they wouldn’t be able to proceed with the vacate order. My son came to pick me up at RWC after the hearing & begged me to let him take our personal things. He did, and they both let people take it for a buck or so by my “legal family”
Almost a month later as I was living w/ him we heard about the conservatorship, I had the whole time since I was in Santa Clara jail. In short, neither the ex-Parte was legally held nor the vacate order of my property and as Ershi Gu et all forgot the swear under oath & filed for $25,000. As the title Co. Who undersold my property to them for $600,000 I believe took me to court to give me hf of my equity thru the court BC three times They refused to give it to me ZbC I did not want to release them under CA code as they asked. It is our right, but if you as I do not agreed they “ilegally involved the court to do so” & honor this time did not care about anything else, she was just handling the money release, but authorized them to serve me at hearing time knowing I was in Pro Per” I refused to received once or twice! Based on what law, I could argued?
But as I request copy of the Ex-Parte, V. Botarinni, the heAd of the people who write not who record said:
“The honor was on a day off on the day the hearing took place (?) if you know what I mean!”
Throughout my I believe more than thirty cases not counting the three federals, you should find the most outrageous lack of ethic through the court system not only of California, but also the Federal.
Do you know that 1) they forced marry on non-wicked, the imposed shuttles do not disclosed talents or knowledge of what I discovered: “mind & body just the soul’s home, a computer” so whoever is wicked knows how to communicate w/ old First Hebrew language at least based on sound: see this: school=skull or skool sound: “I’ll not say, you figured out.” Are you smart? No, basic knowledge use!
Now it used to be illegal to cheat, but not longer in CA, so not only they never allowed many women to enjoy sex, but they cheat on us and is Ok: it is not illegal.


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