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It’s not that younger generations are not good, but

on May 28, 2012

Certainly all generations are as good as the one before or the one that will come. We all go through many of the phases in which we believe we know and we are ready to jump, but this world is very slippery and we always should listen and observe. Many grandmas and grandpas made the silver or the gold, but now majority do not and between spliting and spliting everything is divided, we are stress and our future, our children get waste and abuse. No one can make it this way because this world is not good and many are waiting for you to destroy you and as your home and belonging are dirty and disorganized and you are tired running to pay just the bills they are setting us or you up. Behind a great man is always a smart woman and those who are so easy and fresh against your is just trying to put you in the dot.


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