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In San Jose at Chuck E. My first post removed, what a 1st Amendment

on May 28, 2012

That’s not the only thing. We do not hear or see the best players or dancersor singers. Many control & congress expand, & expand, & . . . I’m at Chuck E. They as he goes back n’ forth & comino just to get The coima, but for me it’s to be & see him. We had never allowed to go no place without abusers. No, I’m allowed to write BC they don’t want me to study. I invited people to go to the dance performance last Friday, but I believe my name was removed or not seen as
Y teacher called. I’ll be honest: “sometimes, I’m sharp others as they’re stealing from me going backward”
Sothank God she did not call me. For sure, I wouldn’t feel ashamed BC ashamed of bad teacher who don’t do their job.
But I started writing 1) to invite you to value family. Old couple got silver/gold it was not BC they were really smart but lucky. They did have more family experienced & they enjoyed it BC it’s better. Many of the people destroying America are family oriented BC they do know how valuable it is, but they are making easy to dump babies & elderly to abuse & take advantage of it. Be smart!
Others who do not have moral forced women to procreate & abandoned them & others using U. S. A. Take them with help of “Honors” well it’s ashamed, but it is happening. My 9year-old is having pin pows & daddy & others are making him to believe it! Can you believe their misery BC what goes around comes around. They rather have that than beauty around. I rather have millions of beautiful men & women to have nice “taco de ojos” in English a good eye taco & going around enjoying beauty & happiness than that.
In Spanish we called them “peppers” some are hots for adults others are so, so: One day, there it was Ms aunt thinking how to cross the Bravo River. There Mr elephant came, saw her & invite her to cross on him. Well Ms aunt was happy & after all very decently said: thank you Mr elephant and he replied: what do you mean thank you? Use your imagination! Then day after dat Ms aunt at the Bravo River waiting for Mr Elephant. Finally, he came & again she cross on him, but this time she repeatedly said: thank you Sr Elephant & he kept on going! The moral is people like what they do & dislike what they don’t and many times you can be the most gracious, for some & not for others, but there is always a sew material when you got a rip off material. I’m telling you as best I can translate BC words are not needed when people are close, but if we are far there is a trouble. I hope we can give each other a chance: we better stop stereotyping & giving Cesar what’s belong to him! Happy Mother Day beautiful women!


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