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Eloi made it again, I’ll not say incredible or impressive, but I have no words

on May 27, 2012

Yesterday,I forgot about the performance, but I was able to sew my child’s DC pants, poorly done, but w/ a lot of love. He did not want to wear them. I almost made him, but he was not bringing underware & asked me for it & he was saying the pants hurt & so on & forth, but I knew he did BC he is punish. I finished as I was waiting for the towing man as my tire got totally out in San Carlos as I came out on the El Camino from the thrift store. I did not hear anything; I just felt the pavement not smooth.
Luckily I could get some water to clean myself & I did my laundry. I still not done with it, but out of two spares I got as I purchased this. Neither was good. One is for a trailer, selling it for $50. & the other one flat & smaller, but took me to San Fco. Round trip for nothing, but I even graduated.
Today between the oil over due twice & my two broken tires, all day long, but worse without money, but I got both of them and I barely made. The place was closing in RWC.
The young people of Chevron, nice, young, but hard worker, but perhaps not their mistake my van do not have the tires air specification & they put 30 pounds so others helped me.
I got my graduation photos & again I ended up shopping at San Carlos. I did wash mt truck. I felt tired so is time to clean my mess, but before that thank you Eloi & thank you all.


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