In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Again Eloi made it, & again I ended up shopping at San Carlos & eating feeling full (fool)

on May 27, 2012

Well, perhaps the spell should be fool BC I did wonder about 3-4 times as I was going, but the baby like to cry & the babysitter that pint h her & there I was with a 50% off. I was having no money, I was having a goal: not to spend, but there it was the old fart lady older than me all the way till the end. No is not the First, i remember, baby’s 6th birthday: Michael Haywood, Keller William relator & my 1554 Lago neighbor took me SEVERAL times for shopping at Toys R Us, and used my wallet. What really upset me is: they were so miserable that Haywood, the only guess who was allowed to be there by himself even made his non-wicked baby to pu & left me the pamper to make sure no one could find the party.
Today, I elepé with legs up not having alce, but not First time Britney. My ole friend made me do so in my Toyota truck and made me elepé very uncomfortable for months trying to harm my legs & back due to the lack of circulación & made me round a pi toilette, which ended up store. Do not wonder, millions are forced everyday BC then we donare & ende up working hard or stress, but wicked get richer.
I tried to show smart, they even made sure the prices will motivate me & yesterday, NO WISHING, not having money, crying to God, feeling bad to ask for help BC I feel that they are forcing me to do as they please twice: having to ask my children to whom they gave my money just BC they please.
I made a promise, I will pay back to them, but they they are. Ot helping people with the summer classes financial aid.
I hope Eloi help me to be able to stop them forcing me BC then they keep everything as they did in all my homes.


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