In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Yesterday, I requested to be called Estrellita De Jesus and I hear the special guess speech

on May 26, 2012

Let me tell you, I was called whatever. My 2.87 GPA did not qualified BC some were having even 4.0; I asked my counselors how to request all the certificates I earned with a lot of difficulties and struggles between 1990 & 2012. BC Eloi Yahweh, did not make no president to back me up as the special guess mentioned, but what I will tell you is the not one of the many to whom I reported the lowering of my GPA or grades reported to her who did talked about thing that deep in my heart I was asking myself: “What is she talking about, I struggle without right, many are the young Americans who tried to graduate and many drps w-big debts and many others ended up in jail. Doesn’t she knows how many had earned their legal eesidency lately BC America poor school system is not preparing our future as they should?
It’s ashamed! It’s ashamed and believe they forced conditions; they had been allowing abuses and vandalizing my vehicles just to keep the worse crime hidden.
Begging for help and support. The funny thing it is that I’m transferring to SFSU & stand fit Sab Francisco State University, but I was forced to write State University of San Francisco as many times I’m forced to dance backward. 1) BC of the lack of good teachers in America: let me tell you. I tried to become one. I made the test & I did not pass, but I used to work w/philipinnes, as individuals many are nice people. I’m accusing & making public the facts BC that is what my boss told me to do; well, in short, there also was a Cuban working for me, but his written and spoken English were worse than mine and he was hired as a teacher and I was not. After time, he came to see me and told me it was nice and easy: after all, he did not care to teach anyone and the students did not care to learn, but the reality is another. Go read Diana Kendall whic said: students are by law suppose to go to the school and if they don’t they are prosecute, so in short, our persecutors are setting us up and are forcing our children, our future to drop, to rob, to prostitute and if now days they are preserving the elderly for lo get is BC is easy for them tomake them to say I or yes to everything. Help, support America, support yourself!


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