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I graduated; my family was there, but they are revenging!

on May 26, 2012

My son made me come to San Fco., but his shuttle, the woman who for years had been abusing me & all my family. The one who used to send him out for her to take my baby and kick & abused him to take from him the few hours of happiness he did have with me. Today, as he arrived at CSM, baby was in pain; his legs were hurting. My son’s shuttle used gis body to invade my baby. She even torture her own daughter; my granddaughter. She made her to sleep with her father’s pillow trying to kill her. He recently die of cancer. I respect the dead. I will not say about him, she and her family set up my son & forced Jim to procreate. She is so miserable that td me “crying” that my so. Did. Ever love her just to let me know the miserable life in which she had been having him. Many days she just ignored, used & abused not only him, but my granddaughter & today: “she was the one making my baby’s leg to hurt.
Yesterday, someone went by Whipple threaten his life as in 2006. Honor MC Kenna, Jakubowski, Greenberg: I’m making you responsible. Eloi, will make me go through and I’ll prosecute you if anything happens to my chd & you all keep ignoring me. This woman had kicked my child back three times. The bruises were as big as my hand: you all never acknowledge my documents instead Greenberg removed my 2007 motion in which I outlined her crime.
Go to Safeway & see the yellow magazine in which said: “that Michelle Obama divorce paper proof that Obama was born in Africa. In his administration just Walmart got at least $1,300. Billions subsidy.
Many are the crimes, but the worst of all is what they are doing to billions of children; the negative number in Diana Kendall- Sociology booksmeans that the people born between 1980-2000 are being used as scapegoat, but what the wicked people are not understanding is that, the U. S. A. Will be full of elderly & they as the children will be abuse as they do not have anyone to look for them & many hate this country BC of wicked used for years & they are planning to do to America as they had done to Israel for years after exploiting the AMERICANS FOR YEARS! Help!


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