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CSM vice-president did not called my name as I asked

on May 26, 2012

My older went out of ceremony as they called me so babies CID not see me as many were trying to invade me. It’s ashamed, in my DGME 118, the prof. Tried to give a test. Many of the ones who hardly ever were in class (2 robbed my assignments due to system set up & have no respect for teacher or class) they were not letting pro tool program to run & were as many do as I’m trying to tell you. My teacher was fair & acknowledge my good final, not so many others who advanced as they take our hours of practice.
At this rate, I’ll share CSM with the poor, what make me happy: “a family BC my children could it be anyone, but the exception is the ones who are robbing, abusing, destroying for them to be. I hate those, but I love to be fair & generous & I’m asking Eloi for the high equity & rate that they love to the maximum, so my best friend will think twice.
Do you know about that basically are there races: White, Blacks & Orientals? Do you know that Japanese, Chinese, Philipines, . . . & all that look alike are the same including India people & that Blacks in Africa due to the proximity are related?, Tiger Wood is a bit of all!
Do you know that England subsidy an Oriental ship company, the one who made trips in triangle: buying raw goods in America, dropping in England & loading their- stopping in China, Africa & loading the slaves? So do you as I concluded that were not the non-wicked white who slaved the blacks BC who sold them were the shipment Co., but that’s not it! Do you know that first Ms. Lee was white & Lee family is a mixed: white-Oriental?
Do you know that whites are long ago divided? Some feel better & believe it or not, I heard someone said that: “Former Prez Nixon was accused BC of his comment against a wicked Russian.”
I’m telling you is not about a race, it’s about America & about saving it as saving 99 percent. It’s neither good for the poor orientals the 270 percent increased BC what they are getting is pennies vs 100’s of dollars for the Union American workers who lost their jobs as they are take g them out. The maquiladoras at the border are exploiting children & women.
One percent had always being the same $ they are the ones making sure America will not have you g people to help & defend it instead indefenseless elderly who are become Alzeheimer BC they are bei g robbed & abused as babies! Help!


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