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At Midas in San Mateo, the tow Co. Screw me up!

on May 26, 2012

He said: “He checked the air, but he took the tips & that is an imperfect condition to not let you see my signs BC as for years wicked (gov’t) had been killing the non-wicked Amerucans to keep the power on 1% wicked people who are not good for anyone, but as long as they are the ones having the privilege to used the Black American place they are ok killing their own race.
Yes, did I yell you that another Honor Greenberg was the one who separated me from my white American family; made me lived w/ a German family who hates their own race BC 1% used the same strategize & made the scapegoat America to destroy & stop the Germannies as they were trying to conquer this world. Yes, I’m a double American who was forced to marry to an ignorant who does not know that the only who can really care for us is Eloi or your own family.
Many as I Americans are being shift out of work, their business are being put down. I know the video for Walmart is not available, but there others are telling you about what they are doing and what people is not realizing is that they were the ones who ribbed to the Mexicans and now to the country we all together made up. Not the ones who un bunches are arriving to take the high technology jobs that we the Americans cannot hold BC these people are denying education to the ones paying & supporting them with the best of all. The best benefits, the best equipments, the best police cars or fire trucks in this world.
The Anericans for years the scapegoats of 1% and they are the ones trying to kill me BC I’m trying no matter what I had to sacrifice to serve God who for years had being w/ the ones who said: “In God we trust.” he had never made a different between no Black, no White or Oriental; he put us all together & had tried hard to teach us to accept one another.
I’m not against a race, but I’m publicizing what “lagartones” are doing to America: killing our welfare system, our programs, our work of years. Excuse me their countries are as big & if they had not done is BC they had not done as we the Americans did. I’m begging for help!
Go see what they are saying about Obama: his punishment for what he had done: impeachment! Of course not, that man had figured out illegally the worse against the Americans: had use our White House; had put many and allowed $ 1,008 billions dollars +++ subsidy to a corporation who is killing our business and our jobs: unions and so on and forth. Michelle Obama, one day I wrote a sign defending your husband BC I thought it was wrong and not knowing that he in fact was slapping the face of the Americans. I’m begging you to come forward & do for your race. I’m begging you to help me. My child for seven years had been abused BC people like Obama is setting criminals in our court system which is denying justice to our people.


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