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I just passed my Sociology 100 exam, but I want to share with you!

on May 24, 2012

I know, I am not that smart or literate as I wish I am to be able to express myself.  My soul intention is not to offend or harm anyone.  Believe me I do not believe in races.  I do feel that we all were created by him.  It is not written, but someone must provide the rib to get us in his kingdom and I believe he was the one.  I wish I do have the time to read and read and read the Holy Bible until I put it in my heart, but not because I want to memorize it or because I want to know its secrets, but because I wish if I can please him or if I can help him to make us better.  We are all his creation and I know one day he chose one of us: “Who knows what were his reason to choose her as the mother of his son, the one he decided to let him die to save us.”  But what I do understand and see is that he did believing all the way till his last minute in him.  He called him Eloi, Eloi ( My God, – mi Dios.  The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, real name of Jehovah was his real father)  as he was going and I do not know where, but he did return just for a few and then he had been seating as his “diestra.”  It was through Jesus that I learned about him.  I never learn neither of those two names back in Nicaragua.  I always called him God father in English, but in Spanish: “Dios Mio.”

I believe I passed my Sociology and I did well.  A good teacher shine as their students learn because giving is receiving!  Believe or not, but I truly believe that what is written in the Holy Bible repeats and repeats.  Joseph was sold as slave by his brothers and I feel Yahweh found the way not to punish them because we are all his children, but to teach them.  He made a big famine and made the 7-8 brothers to go where he made their brother to grow, to come out of jail and where he was serving not just to his father, but to the Eastern World.  (Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Egypt is at the other side, but the world is round so who knows about it.)  I do not think he does have preferences, but he as a good father just let us to fill the glass of water with our own ways and he gets involved when that drop overflow.  Go back and read and find out that he is always checking and as Jesus said: “He is always working” and I believe what he does is turn his face from us as we are very rotten until we learn the bad way what he tries to tell us nicely.  He is righteous, so he let us to decide and I believe when we do not understand he put the banana skin for us to go down, softly.

What I want to share with you is that I know no one is perfect, but I truly believe that this country, meaning The United States have been one of the only countries in which more people have had the chance and the opportunity of the American Dream, which is dying because very few are trying to kill it and I am wondering if you knowing so are willing to let it go.  Let me share with you what is bothering me and I wish I do have a better way to tell you, but my English limitation do not allow me:

The Census Bureau number were group different by D. Kendall Sociology in our Times

Help, begging for help!Sociology in our Times Diana Kendall.  See the negative numbers.  What it means?

I have learned that in this world is not easy to be!  The minute we are conceived , we could be set up.  I do not agreed with what they wrote in the book: Page 386 ” All infants are not created equal.”  We are created equal, not all have the same chances and opportunities.  Not all are born with money or empires at their feet, but we are created equal.  Not one have come out as a monkey, or as a rat.  Even though some are acting as one.

The number are bothering me because they were group different! and for God sake prove my many efforts to tell to this world what is happening.  Some as I discovered that mind and body is just the home of a soul and some making a career out of the United States Government had been setting up the poor and the fatherless.  What many do not know is how this world really work.  The wacky ways in which goes up and down, to the right or to the left and I will share with you what an idiot ask to God to do: “pour this much water here, and much water there; God did, but it did not come what he though was going to grow out”  So he complaint to God and God responded, I did pour the water that you did want and please and you never told me what you want to get or asked me how you should do so.  Don’t Blame me! Blame him!, but mainly blame yourselves.

What I read through my history and sociology book perhaps is not exactly giving me the good grades because some do not like what I figured out, but God said: “Observe, accuse and set my banners.”  Not with the intention to harm, but the intention to help him to stop you from asking him to do as you please and just thinking about yourself and not about the majority.  1 percent will never be worth 99 percent!  We had never heard him, but I am sure he had always being around us.  How you call him in your own language, custom, culture or belief.  I do not know and I am no one to judge absolutely anyone because as everyone else: “I am sure, I do have my own tail, but that is not the issue.”

Please, begging you.  The ones who are much literate, the ones who have more political power or so to do something.  Go read pages 386, 387 and figure how our youngest people, our future are being destroy.  How they are the “scapegoat generation.”  I truly believe that elderly should be respect and honor and that their white hair just mean knowledge and not the one that you learn through books, but through life.  Many races are being genocide not thinking that styles comes and goes and everything else, but what it really means anything is family, community, love.  America with up and down have been shining for years.  I do believe many still fighting errors, wars without thinking how that is going to affect us all.  America is the only country in this World which has the oldest Constitution: “The rights and freedoms that we, all need to have to be able to live in harmony not depending on the mood of any one.  Begging for help, begging for support and inviting you to read and find how many people died very soon after having issues as they were representing the Americans.

Please help me, my baby, my family is being put apart and abused in anyway perform because I am trying to tell the American People about the worse crime ever against humanity.


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