In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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on May 24, 2012

ELOI.  His title THE LORD, well I cannot say his name without telling him what he is for me because this little aunt is just nothing without him. The Lord, Eloi Yahweh.  One day he said: “My friends called me Yah, but he never told me I am his friend”  I do not care! because for me he not only my friend, my brother, my sister.  He is the mother, the father I never had.  All I know that for me to say his name is one of the biggest thing I can do and I can’t ever say it without acknowledging what he is for me unless I am in trouble and I know he is the only one who after hearing me will do.  Eloi Yahweh.  I have no words and thank you will never be enough.  You held me steel when many tried to sleep me.  You heard my prayer when I most need you.  You carried me when we were trying to cross the worse of all and you covered me as we did.  Eloi Yahweh, I need to add millions of thanks to tell you how great and how big you are.  Tomorrow I might not be called as many other times.  I will not have all my children and family with me, but the AA degree I will get is your.  In your name I am giving it to the poor and fatherless; your people.  The ones that are in jails, in hospitals, the ones that might not know you or ever heard about you, but I hope you will light them so they might find you as I did.  Without you I am no one.  Without you, I wouldn’t be standing-crying, but hanging in you as a cat with the tummy up, just believing in you.  With hope and faith in the one who is: “I am who I am,” I made it this far and Thank you will never be enough.  Hang in there, like a cat with the tummy up because is afraid not to know how to jump, but do not be afraid, just believe because his hand is waiting for you to jump and to hold you steel as he did with me.

For everyone, I am telling you he is righteous.  He is the one who gives without expecting anything back.  He is the one who is quietly watching for us and when he sees us busy helping others.  He helps you! Giving is Receiving and I am sure he does rewards to whoever believes in him!  Is near the day in which many are going to be out of jails and hospital in his name just hang in there believing and having hope in him.  Start dreaming because it is very cheap, no one can charge you because you are dreaming.  Love you all! well, I sometimes hate, but I am not perfect, I am just his little aunt and he choose me as his servant.



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