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I’m laughing, I just figured out why you might hate me

on May 23, 2012

Soc book said: “ex.: sow hotels signs read “No Jews Allowed” or help-wanted: “Christians only.” Now my biggest problem is: I though highly of the Americans & I never read these type of signs. The truth is: I do not know who I’m or where I came from, but I grew up believing that people belief in God, Jesus and The stupid image I took with me back in 1973 from the friendly, well dress and educated people who were having the best police in this world. For God’s sake, it took me a year or so after I divorced first time BC I was going to the university. I was making good money, but the war made think different, but not for me. My children and nieces-nephews. If I would know. . . May never ever come! Many eople is prejudice, racicist & I never even heard of that. Life was simple, but much, much better I believe. My poor baby may not ever come to be & suffered as he does BC of his dumb mom! I just beg God to hear my prayer & to never abandon me. I do not care if the World hate me. I do not think they are right and I hope one day they will give me a chance. I’m a nit stupid, but I try hard to think about others.


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