In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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on May 22, 2012

What it seems to be happening is: “for more than 150 years and perhaps even before the pilgrim arrived into the United States many things were planned and were having a goal.”  It look like many countries had been working together against the poor.  They were bundle as wicked and many believed that they are belong to it because for years the main head had let them to gain some pennies.  But now days is not so!

Go read, again Remini from page 155 to page 183, but put attention to the in between of the lines.  I will not say that President Johnson was bad because of all of the outcome, but what I can say is that, the Southerner people did not lost as much as the northerner thinking about the many people who died on the war.  I will not say that it was half the number, but what I can say that our government did not ever think about abolishing slavery.  In fact they were keeping the slaves not exactly free, but in worse conditions and poverty.  After the Civil War did happens what is happening right now, that 1% and Government representatives blamed the poor southerner of not cooperating and the main is that both of the main group having the arena were the ones trying to get the most for their own group and who care about the poor.  They tested their new toys (guns and other new equipment as they had done on every single war).  For God sake they were so generous that they granted amnesty, but I believe they did to their own people.  Does anyone ever heard about spin or how people play one role with one group and then they are sink and again they revert their old feelings and ideas, but what may not know is that many times is purposely done.  In short, many died in the Civil War, believing and defending, fighting and I believe against their own group not knowing so.  Because many lost their accents to hide where they are really from and for whom they are working and knowing that what their goals is to make others believe that they are one when in reality they are notl.

For sure 100’s of millions of dollars pay by the people to suffrage and keep in power their oppressors.  What happened 150 years ago more or less is happening, but in a worst scale for the poor.  Many are supporting the robbed and the destruction of America not knowing that 1% it is the same from many years before it and now and that they robbed Mexico of a vast territory because they knew CA was full of gold.  I always thought that the Mexican government as many others in poor countries were not good, but in reality Mexico was not organized and they paid about $ 25 millions to who knows whom or how they split it, but what is important is that right now America is being robbed and its power is being shift. I hope many will think and get together to stop it in between the lines of democracy, rights and freedoms.

All of my Internet accounts: twitter, Facebook, are not working not even at public places.  They had been cancelled.  My 500 tweet are gone and my blogger account was stop for months and allowed me to see it after all and now again is gone.

Yesterday, my baby’s dad did not answered and today it did after many calls.  My baby is being abused, was raped and many of the people in power participated because of the benefit that they are getting out of the destruction of America.  President Johnson was talking no sense at times and far from gaining supporter was loosing them, but I will tell you that is the use of witchcraft.  The used of the basis knowledge of what humans are: a computer, a soul’s home which many can manipulate as they please.  To make us to do, be or believe.  As me right now, I am having many trying to confuse me and not to make sense.  Many are robbing or trying to rob my talents as they had done to billions of trillions of poor people for years, but what is ashamed that the United States government had been used for years and our children had been taken through the court system to abuse them and there is no one.  Not one worth our trust or honor.

They did change my phone set up not to allow me to use it as they are abusing me or as they are going to try to kill me.  Afraid I am not.  I have been ready to go as The Lord, Eloi Yahweh pleases and I happened to see many times how he with his mighty hand save my life.  What is his purpose for me in life, I do not know, but I just hope that I am good to help this world to give justice to America and to the Americans.  I hope that the people who do not have fear of him will learn about him and will never forget who he is.



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