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Gov’t of U. S. A. & it’s wicked members are not worth to write what inspired is the poor children & women are being abused for 150 years or so

on May 21, 2012

Twice my baby with stomaches BC orientals & Mexicans are abusing him & other babies to be able to abused him or me. Their only goal is to NPR let me pass my finals & to not let me graduate. A Mexican mandillon who heard me talking about pigs like him who made my baby take off his socks to forced ho
Into an accident BC what no church had ever said is that Abel & Cain is repeated for thousands of years, but not only thru war they had been killing. They use potatoes disease to force people from Ireland, whites not from England to be the poor exploited in the North of the U. S. A. It’s ashamed it was only 1% who was carrying the slaves. In the war out of 300,000 only 5,000 were slaves. I do believe public relation spin had been used. Fro
Jacksonian era 800 thousand to 4.2 million, but 2 millions were from Ireland, poor farmers who could not argots as The German to go to better areas & support The Industrial Revolution, buy to make it short do you know about The París Convention in which G-8. 1% agreed on war, ++? do you know that new weapons were used even photo cameras were used in The cruelty & totally discuss Civil War. American had not been represented by no Government in this country. Perhaps some were better than others, but good number stinks & believe our poor people children are been separated from Mom or Dad to be abuse and “honors” like Greenberg, Jakubowski or MC Kenna reserves My thumb & I’ll say down respecting The Americans & asking Eloi to put them in those forced fat babies, on those stinky babies as mine having his nails & hair dirty, long so pigs like The Mexican mandilón who got ofended BC I said to My phone: he is not alone his Mfsb father do not defend him, but Eloi does. God he expected me to back off, I took off My era phone & I said: “What’s your problem, I can call his Dad as I pleases in my phone” he felt I told him & I asked him, were you The INE hurting My baby? Yes, thanks to the “Honors who are setting him up! , but tell me do we rally have Child Protective Servíces, or UNICEF, or What? I’ve been publicly begging & accusing them & not even for The sake of just my baby, but of millions & there is not one of our Government doing anything instead RWC Police yesterday pared in Samtrans lot and abused me with their Radio frecuencias about 4-5pm many saw & heard their load office responding BC usual I am allowed at The córner just when wicked are round, but not at peak hours! First Amendment and Constitution, government and 1% toilette paper. Help!


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