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Chief justice Roger B Tany: “Fifth Amendment no one can be deprived of their property without due process”

on May 21, 2012

(Remini pp139) three times my Belmont property case transferred to South City CA court for a jury trial. In leiu of it and having my motion filed responding and requesting what was granted dismissed by “Honor Buchwald” BC corporations were going to be sued by millions if my case is known: many participated from realtors to title companies, banks and government to rob the saving of the Americans. And no less the second time by Honor Quentin Kopp who not only did that but also discriminated against me and MC Guirre also denied my First Amendment uncovering my head, forcing me to cover it with my underware at first, but kept with a hand broken in three places for more than a week without medical attention, forced drug, denied right to represent myself and kept for about 20 days without allowing me to see my two older children and only real family. As I was released, one of them removed the copy of documents written by me informing the administration & court of all the abuses I was suffering. Twice I was bit up to be forced into court. Once I refused since they just dismissed and abused authorities and discretions: federal court denied my poverty and dismissed my federal suit cross complaint which I filed prior to lose my properties. Twice my due process denied just in one of my properties, but a total of almost 30 cases; San Mateo City hall no less and worst, they didn’t even read my arguments in regards 1864 Cottage Grove Avenue property.


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