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Yesterday, in my phone I was receiving messages from stranger sent to my “Friend”

on May 18, 2012

From Facebook, I am receiving messages saying someone from Long Beach login using an unknown device and another sending his file and opening a program on the computer in which I was working.  You sign in and nothing is there.  Your files are gone.  People can go through your accounts and do as they please.  One told me, you left your webaccess account opened.  No I did not.  I always look for the the log out icon, but is not always available and many times without us realizing the computer has a bottom push saying: “remember me”  I am telling you.  Never write anything that is private for you and never leave anything important.  I was put on the street by forced and I have no choices and not much to care or hide.

In my last class in history, today I realized that when Lincoln was killed a new war started, but is one that many do not know about.  The United States needs to overcome it.  It is ashamed how millions of Americans are being waste and destroy because of it.  I am sure that not one of all the groups deserve our respect.  Although in time of war, you are the ones who matter.  War needs to be openly fight not covered like this one.  Because I feel that all the Americans are proud of America and they support it to the whole extend of the word and when some are not caring for every single of all of the citizens it is ashamed. 

I just heard that as General Lee a Southerner, a democrat, a slaver supported surrounded the war was over, but it is not so.  This happened 100’s of years ago.  I feel that we as Americans should overcome the horrendous errors, abuses that many committed.  Of course I am the kind of person that feels and believes that Ashamed of Them: of course I will make sure people read Remini History book or so because I want them to be ashamed, but not because I feel proud of what happened through history in this country and not only through the Civil War won in 1863m I believe to keep the United States as one unity not as many pieces in which her children are killing and fighting without saying.

I am begging all to think about America as one not as we as part of this or that country.  Luckily for me, I do not even know who are my parents or where I was born.  I do believe I am a double American due to the hidden, quiet war we had been having for quite some years not knowing.

Going back to the Internet issues: Very good to keep us all in touch, but not recommended for business closing transactions.  I tried to link this blogs with facebook and WordPress icon comes up.  Isn’t that something else, as quite a number of poor are in jail because they did : “” well, I do not think so because anyone can use your name and account so you perhaps or them in this case are not guilty!


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