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The United States of America is not one Country for All its citizens

on May 17, 2012

This is the worst “Piggy place ever”  I am trying to prepare for my test next week and you should see the number of lazy students that just are invading my mind to take what they will never appreciate because they did not work for or earned or really like it.  I am behind in my DGME 118 and believe me at the end of the semester and last night I was having difficulties plugging the microphone to record.  I am not a lazy person.  For me my classes and my process of learning it is very important: I found others people files in my own USB (How did save it there?) Oh God many are having scholarships, many are done with their final assignments, but I am sure that all of them are just waiting for me to do so.  Two of my teachers made error announcing their class final exams.  Both corrected them, I will not mention their names because it’s of men to make errors, but who believes, and stands in his name will get bigger in his kingdom. 

They do have cameras, they do know my struggles last night as I finally was able to use my scheduled lab time.  I am sure they are taking my scrip and TV theme and they are ready to produce it as our president as I supported Same-Sex marriage.  In a way, I am happy because at least their choices are going to be respected because me: I will never marry again with no human.  I will repeat to you what I told Honor Jakubowski: After marry twice, and having three children and about 10 boyfriends: “I was virgin, I had never being touched.” but wicked were sending me home totally out.  I cried many times as they were forcing me to believe I was wishing to be with a man after many times he did humiliate me: “he was always at home after he moved out:” he did not have no place to go, no one to go see, he was missing baby.  God I saw him touching him and he was having erection problems.  He was just spitting on me and honor Jakubowki denied my request for marriage nullity. 

Women in this country are seeing like nothing.  No one ever thought these people that they are because one gave birth to them.  I feel that we are all equal, but this attitude diminish human understanding.  Through my history class.  Oh God, government had always have their best interest in mind.  Have never care for the people of this country and I am sure they still fighting North and South stupidities as well as black and whites, but that I do not know how because now days many whites are discriminated just because they are “supposed to be the majority” when in reality I am doubting it.


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