In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Oh well, Today May, 17,12 I realized something “funny” Among Studio A – E at CSM my name is listed so people schedule their lab use!

on May 17, 2012

Believe I wrote a Pennie for their though and not exactly cut half because they are not worth even that.  I just remember how a Nicaraguan printed several pages through me in my Internet class.  I am using this media: wordpress, but Are you realizing what we are doing? In court many people are being condemn because child pornography, and so on and forth, but Can they really do so?  I do not think so.  Every time I signed here: many are using my accounts.  In fact in my twitter there is like a babies advertisement page.  and my pages are kept open by them.  My passwords are changed or my private property trespassed.  The Internet is not good for everything, specially for business or for classes.  Many can change as they please and not as they are supposed.  You are not going to believe me, but every single wrong question in my classes are not based on what it is written in the book, but because the professor said so in his or her lecture?  Oh well, the words are gone, my notes do not contained the information, but he or she is saying I did, but isn’t true that we should be considered as part of the picture.  I know do not make sense as things are set up right now as Chancellor Galotolo, one of the head of District of College of San Mateo still lost and not responding at the end of this semester in my many issues and as many are stealing, abusing accounts, discriminating on many.  It is incredible.

But not all it is bad, yesterday I went to my Photography class show:  For God sake many beautiful photos and some very professionals.  The only thing that do not match for me is the fact that many were having split styles.  It was like 3 photos having some type of theme or tendency and the other 5 totally different.  Some with a lot of elegance and uniqueness and others not.  I am not trying to be mean: I am trying to tell you that the problem is many do have a lot of talents, but they are not believing in themselves and rather take what they believe others do have and it is fast and easy, but they are wasting their own talents.  I said to one of the students, I am trying to give my opinion to help you find your main forfeit meaning now, they do know  what appeals to others.  Where they are good in, explore yourself, find what you really like and exercise, persevere on it and do not value others much more than your own things.  There it was a white young man, whose first row were very nice and his second were not so.  I am begging God to give Cesar what is belong to him as Jesus said and I am inviting all to find themselves.  Value Your Own Self and Your Own Things.  About the Studio, I believe in God and his sword have two edge sharp edge not just one.  Watch Out!


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